Convertible Furniture: Items That Grow With Your Family to Last for Generations

Convertible Furniture: Items That Grow With Your Family to Last for Generations

Life constantly changes, as we expect our homes to be able to match these changes to provide the best environment. People may get married or move in with their significant others. Families may get larger as children grow older. While looking for furniture at California Stools, Bars and Dinettes, you want pieces that are not only perfect for your present lifestyle, but are perfect for what lies in store in the near future. Here are several ideas for furniture pieces that can change and grow with your family so you can save money no matter what life event comes your way.

Expandable Dining Tables

Small dining and kitchen tables are perfect for newlyweds living in small spaces, yet instantly feel too small when there is the pitter-patter of small feet as children grow older. Expandable tables with leaves that can be added are perfect additions to the home. They instantly add more seating spaces when desired for your growing children. When they become teens and go off to college, you can remove the leaves to make the table smaller and add more space to the room.

Convertible Cribs

New babies to the home can be a trying time for parents with tight budgets. You are constantly buying new clothes and items as the child grows older. Cribs have become the answer as the perfect furniture that grows with your child. When your baby moves to the toddler stage, the crib can be converted into a toddler bed. Then the same toddler bed can be used as a headboard for big kids.

Second-Use Changing Tables

In addition to cribs, changing tables are getting a makeover to become multifunctional pieces of furniture that can be used throughout the home. Some changing tables can be changed into hanging bookcases, while other tables can be converted into floor bookcases and even desks for tweens.

Multifunctional Beds

Beds that can transform into sofas and love seats have been around for decades. The sofa instantly transforms into an extra bed for kids or seating when your teens have their friends over. A multifunctional bed is also ideal for when your aging parents decide to move in, as you can transform a sitting room into an extra bedroom. They can sleep on the twin bed at night and convert it into seating during the day while watching television.

Yet sofas aren’t the only other piece of furniture that beds can transform into for your home. There are several manufacturers who have created beds that can transform into work desks. This set up is perfect for teenagers during those long exam study sessions.

With the wide selection of furniture pieces out on the market, you can create the perfect indoor atmosphere that works with your growing family. Get an idea about your present furniture needs, and how your furniture would need to accommodate you in the future, to pick out the right pieces for your home.