How to Maximize a Small Dining Space

Having a small space makes your budget more affordable, especially in an expensive area like San Francisco. But packing your entire life into cramped corners is not a fun way to live, either. There are many ways to make the most of a small space, but you might be a little short-handed on tips for the dining room. Here are several ideas for maximizing a small dining space.

1.Don’t Give Up Your Dining Area

When living in a small space, many people first think to eliminate a dedicated dining area. They might suggest eating on the couch or over the sink instead. Although this can be a great way to save space, it’s not always the most romantic or inviting situation when you want to have people over. Instead, shop for small dining room furniture at our two locations in San Francisco. Look for rounded tables to save a few inches of corner space, or tables with sides that fold down. Then they can be out of the way when you don’t need to use them.

2.Consider Your Seating

Before you fall in love with a large table setting, be realistic about how many seats you truly need. Yes, hosting a dinner party for your eight best friends is a lot of fun, but how many times will you do that in a year? Browse our collection of dining chairs and see if you can get away with just a two- or four-person setting. If having more space really is a must, look at dining tables with removable leaves that you can insert when you need them. You might also consider bench seating for your table since it allows you to fit a few more people, especially children, into a smaller space.

3.Pick Multi-Purpose Pieces

When shopping at furniture stores in the Bay Area, keep an eye out for pieces that can do double duty. For example, a dining table that can also serve as a homework station or work desk would be a great way to maximize a small dining space and still have room to do the things you need. A dining set that has storage available under the table-top could be used to house lesser-used dishes and table accessories when they’re not needed. By getting creative with your furniture, you’re sure to find a way that works for your lifestyle.

Come Visit Us!

At California Stools, Bars, and Dinettes, we offer a wide variety of dining sets to suit any size space. From simple two-person dinettes, to larger six-person dining tables and even bench seating, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Our furniture pieces come in a variety of design styles to match any decor. They are also budget-friendly at many price points. Stop in and see us in San Jose or Pleasant Hill to find the perfect pieces for your small dining space. You can also contact us online or by phone if you have any questions.

4 Most Asked Questions About Dining Tables in San Francisco

When upgrading your home furniture, it’s natural to have a lot of questions. And in today’s connected world, you’re likely turning to a search engine to answer them. Of course, you may also ask friends and family for their opinion, but they’re not always available at 9pm while you’re halfway watching Netflix. Here are some of the most Googled questions about dining tables in San Francisco, and how we answer them!

1. What’s the Most Fashionable Dining Room Furniture for Sale in San Francisco?

Everyone wants to stay ahead of the trends and avoid looking stuck in the past. When you’re upgrading your dining room furniture, look for consider choosing something in the farmhouse style, for a cozy authentic look. This style will feature a lot of wood. Think of a natural wooden table top with black metal legs. Mid-century modern, with its clean lines and geometric shapes, is also back in style. Consider having neutral colored furniture so that you can dress it up with colorful table settings or change them out for the various holidays and seasons throughout the year.

2. What Size Dining Table Do I Need?

The best size dining table for your home will depend on the space you have available and how many people you intend to have seated there at each meal. If you space is on the smaller side, consider a table with fold-down sides so you can make more room during the day when you don’t need the table. If you have a larger family, you might think of choosing bench seating on one side to add a few more seats to the table instead of everyone having their own chair. Take measurements of your space before you start shopping so that you won’t be disappointed by falling in love with something that doesn’t fit.

3. Why Choose a Round Dining Table?

A round dining table is perfect for smaller groups, usually with four seats. If you need something a little larger, consider an oval-shaped table that can seat six guests. They offer a more intimate setting than the standard square or rectangular tables which makes them great for at-home dates or dinner parties with close family and friends. These round styles can also be a design that works well for smaller spaces since you won’t be taking up room with the corners of the table. Accentuate the look with round placemats and curved chairs to match the smooth, flowing lines of the table.

4. Where to Buy Dining Chairs in San Francisco?

When you’re shopping for the highest quality pieces to add to your home, look no further than California Stools Bars and Dinettes. We are one of the top furniture stores in the Bay Area and have a wide selection of choices for your dining room. Shop our inventory online or visit our stores in San Jose or Pleasant Hill. Our furniture experts will be able to help you choose the perfect size and shape dining room furniture for your home.

5 Ways to Incorporate Pub Tables Into Your Home

Over the last year, we’ve all learned how important it is to enjoy spending time in our homes. One way to make it better is to have the right furniture for your lifestyle. If you’re really into watching sports, we know this year has been difficult. However, with the Super Bowl coming up in February, it’s a great time to order some pub tables to watch the big game from home! Here are five different ways to use pub tables in your space.

1. Basement

If your home has a finished basement, it can be the perfect place to set up the TV, add a couch and side tables, and do some relaxing. Putting a pub table in this space gives you some extra seating, a place to lay out all your snacks and drinks, or a spot to sit and eat without worrying about getting buffalo sauce on the couch.

2. Home Bar

Many of us have added a personal bar to our homes this year. What better place to sit and enjoy a drink than at a pub table in your home bar! It can also provide you with some extra space to make your signature cocktail if your home bar simply consists of a loaded bar cart and not an entire mini-kitchen.

3. Man Cave

Getting away from it all is vital to maintaining your sanity. If you have an extra room or basement space that you’ve turned into a man cave, it’s the ideal spot for a pub table. Use it to play cards or board games, have a meal, watch the game, and enjoy a drink of your choice.

4. Kitchen Nook

Learning how to make the most of our spaces has been a big theme throughout 2020. Kitchens are doing double duty as a place to eat and work. If you’re looking for a little extra room to spread out, a pub table can be the perfect fit. Place it up against a corner with two chairs for an intimate setting. If you have a small nook, a pub table is the ideal way to utilize that space and make it work for you.

5. Dining Room

Of course, a pub table doesn’t have to be a small addition. They also work as your main dining table! If your family is on the taller side, or if you just like to have a leg room, the longer legs of a pub table set the surface up higher, leaving more room for your feet, legs, and even the dog who is begging for scraps.

Find Your Perfect Pub Tables Today!

Shop pub tables from California Stools Bars Dinettes. With two retail locations in the Bay Area you have the widest variety of choice. No matter what your budget or design style is, our furniture professionals can help you select the best pieces. Visit us today!

Wooden chairs at table in natural white dining room interior with poster and lamp. Real photo

Granny Chic? 3 Features of the Cottagecore Trend in Home Decor

With many of us staying home more throughout 2020, a love affair with our spaces and the need for comfort has grown. From baking bread and making big pots of soup, to wearing cardigans and leggings 24/7, many of us are embracing an interior design trend called “cottagecore”. It is reminiscent of a rural farm lifestyle from decades ago where people would grow their own food and make their own clothes. If you’re looking to bring this style to your home, here are a few tips for making it work.

1. Wooden and Wicker Materials

The main goal behind the cottagecore trend is to go back to a simpler time. Essentially, if it looks like something straight out of the Anne of Green Gables book series, it likely fits the cottagecore aesthetic. This means using materials for your furniture and accessories that are easier to find and build. Think of natural wooden tables and chairs, wicker baskets, and cloth napkins. You won’t find as much metal or plastic with this style as those were not popular materials in the early 1900s.

2. Indoor Florals and Greenery

Getting back to nature has been a way for many of us to cope with the 2020 pandemic. Greenery and water bring peace to many of us. During the winter months, we can bring this sense of the outdoors inside our homes by adding floral wallpaper, floral wall art prints, and greenery throughout our spaces. Whether you buy fresh bouquets every week or choose to go for the fake variety, your senses will appreciate the gesture. If you have pets, be sure the flowers and plants you choose for your home will not harm them if they choose to bite or nibble on the stems, leaves, or petals.

3. Muted and Natural Colors

Many people would think that cottagecore can be boring when it comes to the color palette. Certainly, there is a lot of natural colors including brown wood and white or cream shades of linens with this style. However, you can still incorporate other colors, but they will tend to be more muted or pastel than the bright colors of recent decades. Look towards baby pink or blue, mint and lavender, or creamsicle and daffodil shades of your favorite colors to decorate your space. You’ll also have the added benefit of a color palette that’s easier on the eyes!

Shop Cottagecore Trends Today!

As we look towards 2021, it’s likely that we will still be spending a lot of time at home. If the cottagecore interior design trend has you inspired, check out the wide selection of home furnishings at California Stools, Bars, and Dinettes. With two retail locations in the Bay Area we are your go-to source for dining sets, dinette sets, and more! Shop online today or visit us in Pleasant Hill or San Jose. Our home furnishing experts will be happy to help you find the best cottagecore pieces to bring comfort to your home at a price you can afford.

Round Wooden Table With Centerpiece And Wicker Chairs

5 Dining Room Trends for 2021

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been a weird year for us all. Being separated from those we love is hard to do. We are all looking forward to seeing our extended families again in 2021, and that will likely happen around dining room tables throughout the country. When you’re ready to invite people over again, impress them with an up-to-date dining room set! Here are a few trends on our radar to help your dining space ring in the new year!

1. Small Changes

Sometimes the smallest changes can have the biggest effect. Try adding a new table cloth or placemats to the table. Decorate with a centerpiece. Bring new wall art or greenery into the space. You might be surprised how much these small, affordable changes can really transform your dining room into something new and exciting.

2. Multi-Purpose Solutions

Many of us will still be working or learning from home after we turn the calendar, so it’s important to make the most of our spaces. Dining sets that can double as computer desks or homework stations is a great way to make your space work for you. Keep the accessories simple so they can be moved when it’s time to work and replaced when you’re not using the table.

3. Natural Materials

Today’s dining rooms are going for a more natural vibe. From wicker furniture, to open weave caning material, and woven seagrass baskets, these natural elements are seeing a comeback. Homeowners are looking to lighten up their space and make it more breathable by using white walls and upholstery with light colored accents such as gray and tan.

4. Marble Accents

Marble is a timeless material that is often associated with kitchens and dining rooms … and for good reason! Not only does it make for a chic and durable countertop, it also is great as scratch-proof serving pieces, heat-resistant candle holders, and wine-chilling vessels. It comes in a variety of colors and grains so you’re sure to find a pattern you like that brings beauty to your tablescape.

5. Outdoor Dining Rooms

Given the current pandemic, many people are trying to be outdoors as much as possible. Thankfully, in beautiful Northern California, this is possible all year long. Take advantage of an outdoor deck or patio and move the dining room table outside! This gives you a safer space to gather with friends and family and still enjoy your time together.

Upgrade Your Dining Space for 2021

With two retail locations in the Bay Area, California Stools Bars Dinettes is your best bet for finding dining sets to suit your style and budget. If you’re looking for singular pieces, we also offer a variety of dining room tables and chairs that can be purchased separately. Conveniently located in San Jose and Pleasant Hill, you can contact us online or call your nearest location to speak with a furniture professional. We can discuss your current space, budget, and needs to help you find the perfect dining room set for you.

5 Top Furniture Trends for 2021

This year has been a wild one for all of us and we’re looking forward to things calming down in 2021. What better way to ring in the new year by revamping your living space! Interior design professionals are already making predictions for what’s going to be hot in home decor next year, and we’ve definitely seen the demand for these kinds of items increasing. Here’s what we’re selling a lot more of these days.

1.Rich Jewel Tones

Soft pink will be the color of the year and this applies to everything from clothing to makeup to home decor. Add this to your space with upholstered chairs at the dining room table, or barstools at the counter. You can choose to remain with the softer shades, or amp them up with darker tones such as navy blue or forest green.

2.Natural Materials

Many people are seeking to go back to basics with their interior design. Including raw wood and metal elements in your furniture is a great way capture the look. You might also consider leaving concrete floors bare and placing ceramics on kitchen tables. Start with the furniture and then work to include your chosen accessories.

3.Rounded Shapes

Curved lines are back in style much like they were in the 1970s. This means round dinettes, curved desks, and oblong tables. Without harsh lines and sharp edges, you’ll have a more comfortable feel to your space while still maintaining a look of elegance. Plus, you’ll end up saving a little space around the edges!

4.Metal Accents

Metal is often seen as cold, harsh, and unforgiving as a furniture material. However, today’s designers are giving it back it’s stylish nature while pairing it with other elements. Think of a metal frame to the glass table and upholstered chairs. Or you might have metal legs with a wooden table top. The options are endless.

5.Unique Pieces

Today’s homeowners are not always satisfied with looking just like everyone else. They want to bring their own sense of personal style to their living spaces. Having unique dining room sets or home bars with pub tables in the man cave is one such way to show off your personality and make your space your own. Try cozy textures or fun colors to suit your tastes.

Are You Inspired?

We hope that 2021 holds many good things in store for you! If you’d like to start off the new year with one or more of these decorating trends, please come visit us! At California Stools Bars Dinettes we have a wide selection of dining furniture to suit any style and budget. With location in San Jose and Pleasant Hill, we are easily located in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you have questions or need a design consultation, please give your nearest store a call or stop in to talk to one of our furniture specialists. We would love to help you design a space that’s truly yours while still being on trend!

Senior Couple Relaxing With Magazine At Home Looking At Mobile Phone Sitting At Dining Room Table

Give the Gift of Furniture This Holiday Season

There’s no doubt that this holiday season looks a little different from previous years. Instead of large gatherings where you get to see your extended family, most of us are choosing to stay home and see our loved ones virtually instead. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make this season a special one! It might not seem conventional, but have you thought of giving furniture as a gift? Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination!

Dining Room Sets

Perhaps your grandmother is the one that usually hosts the kids and grandkids for a large dinner to celebrate the holidays. Maybe it’s time to upgrade her dining room set after all this time as you look forward to getting together next year instead. If you have a millennial or young couple that is just starting out in a new home, a dining room set is a great gift to help them get on their feet and decorate their space.

Accessories for Home Bars

We’re all spending a lot more time at home, but that doesn’t mean we’re not having fun! A lot of people have built or expanded on their home bars this year. A great addition to your set up could be some barstools for relaxing while you enjoy a drink or a pub table to play cards at. No matter how you choose to enjoy your time at home, we’ve got the right furniture and accessories for you.

Kitchen Tables

The kitchen and dining room has likely become the center of your home as you set up a new work desk or have the kids do their homework. With all that’s going on, a new or additional kitchen table could be the right choice. It gives you more space to spread out so you’re not feeling like you’re all standing on top of one another trying to get your work done.


Make the most of small spaces by adding dinettes or pub tables to the nooks and crannies of your home. It gives you the opportunity to create additional space and separate your work desk from the kid’s homework table. You can set one up in the kid’s room, or in the corner of your bedroom. Even if you don’t use it for work, it can still be a great place to get away from it all.

Shop with Us This Holiday Season!

At California Stools Bars Dinettes, we have a wide variety of different furniture options to suit your needs. From large dining room sets, to smaller pub tables, and all the accessories in between, we’ve got you covered! Take a look at our inventory online or stop into one of our two locations to look around. We are conveniently located in the Bay Area in San Jose and Pleasant Hill. If you have questions or would like to place an order, please give your nearest store a call! A new piece of furniture might be just what someone you love needs this season!

Autumn table setting with pumpkins. Thanksgiving holiday dinner and fall decoration.

10 Tips for Setting the Perfect Thanksgiving Table

With Thanksgiving arriving soon, you’re probably putting together your shopping list, making sure to invite all the guests, and wondering how you’ll decorate the dining room table for the feast. There can be a lot to stress about! Shop California Stools Bars Dinettes for the ideal dining room table, dining room chair, or dining set for your Thanksgiving celebration.

Here are 10 tips to help you set a beautiful table.

1. Keep It Simple

There’s no need for a full five-piece set of flatware for each guest at the table. Feel free to bring out the nice China, but leave it to just one fork, knife, and plate per person. This also makes clean up a bit easier!

2. Opt for White Plates

Your Thanksgiving table will likely have a variety of color on it already with the many food choices. By opting for white plates, you give your guests a visually appealing and classy looking meal.

3. Upgrade Your Linens

A big meal such as this is the perfect time to bring out the cloth napkins. Wrap them up with a napkin ring or fold them in a fan shape and place on top of each guest’s plate to bring style to your table.

4. Work With What You Have

If you’re setting eight places, but only have six matching sets of flatware, don’t worry! Choose a different set for the places at the head of the table and it will look intentional. Your guests will never know!

5. Make Things Accessible

Especially if you are serving a large table, make sure everyone can easily reach the butter, salt, and pepper. Consider having more than one set available for the table so nobody is yelling across another.

6. Try Multiple Centerpieces

If one large centerpiece is your style, go for it, but you might also consider having two or three smaller centerpieces spaced throughout the table. This allows for more room for the guests in the middle of table.

7. Vary Your Dishes

Try mixing different styles of dishes to create a unique look. Vintage crystal glasses with modern flatware and a brightly colored charger add a bit of whimsy to your tablescape.

8. Turn the Table Into an Activity

If you had small children attending, consider using butcher paper as your table covering and giving each child a small pack of pencils or markers to color with. This keeps them entertained while you finish cooking!

9. Shop Your Own Backyard

When it comes to creating a centerpiece, take a look around you. Branches and leaves can put into a vase to create a festive decoration for your dining room table.

10. Give a Little Height

Stagger the height of your centerpieces or add a thick cutting board under side dishes to elevate them. Just don’t go too high or you won’t be able to see any of your dinner guests!

5 Trends in Dining Room Sets

As we approach the holiday season, you may be interested in giving your dining room a makeover. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time in this room with family and friends for Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. If sprucing up your space is on your agenda, take a look at the latest trends in dining sets to get you inspired.

1.Neutral Colors

Make your space feel bright and clean by using a neutral color palette. To keep it from looking boring, use a variety of textures. Think of upholstered chairs with a rough wooden table. A neutral background also makes it easier to decorate for the holidays by adding pops of color to brighten up the space.

2.Farmhouse Design

The rustic, farmhouse design style has become quite popular over the past few years. It definitely adds a cozy, casual feeling to your dining area, but some prefer a more formal space. If that sounds like you, make the farmhouse style more modern by adding metal or plastic chairs to accompany a thick, natural wood table. You can also choose between a colorful dining room chair, or clear polycarbonate ones.

3.Mix Dark and Light

Trends tend to come in and out of fashion over the decades. The darker wood styles of the ’70s and ’80s are made fresh for the 2020s by adding lighter colored upholstery to chairs or having the dining room table top be painted a cream or beige color while the table’s legs remain a dark espresso shade.

4.Bold and Unique Legs

Add some visual interest to your home’s dining set by choosing a table that has bold or unique legs. They help this piece stand out in the room but can be easily overdone. Stick to simpler, more streamlined chairs to offset such a dramatic and large piece in the center of your dining room.

5.Bench Seating

Removing the chairs and adding a bench to one side of your dining room table has become a popular way to fit in a more casual seating option. It can also make it easier to add more guests to your table since there isn’t as much need for additional space around each place at the table. This makes it an ideal option for large family meals like Thanksgiving.

Upgrade Your Space Today!

Great Furniture Pieces to Set the Theme of Your Home

It is easy to become distracted by all the different types, sizes, design, shapes and functions of home furniture out there. To stay a little more grounded and consistent with your home furnishings, it is often helpful to create a theme for your home based around one or two furniture pieces. The following are a few ideas to get the you started on creating the best home space for you.

Bar and Counter Height Pub Tables

Incorporating a bar/counter height pub table into your home is a different and fun option. Like in restaurants or bars with similar furnishing, this type of set-up encourages sociability, conversation, movement and casual dining, all in the comfort of your own home. Their functionality and aesthetic appeal provide convenient, accessible and compact space.


            Round tables are the ultimate shape for discussion. To bring everyone together, opt for a round pub table. They create a great space for walking up and standing around or for placing sitting stools.


            Expandable pub tables are the absolute perfect solution for flexible space. They are a fantastic option for a home that requires more seating for dining times but generally wishes to take up less space. Expand the table for non-dining times to create that compact space you enjoy and simply pull out the table for the extra seating space at dinner time.


            Pub tables can be the perfect solution for a couple’s home which does not require a large dining space but rather desires a unique and intimate area. Like the classic bar setting, a cozy couples bar table creates that romantic, out-on-the-town atmosphere. This fun option brings date night right into the comfort of the home.

Four Person

The counterpart to the couple’s bar/pub table option is the four person or family style option. Like the couples table, this counter height table creates the feeling of being out at a restaurant with the perk of staying in the home. Opt for a round or rectangular style table that is a little larger in order to accommodate the whole family.

Bar Stools

To furnish a home bar, counter space, or pub table, bar stools are a fantastic and obvious option. Pairing the right bar stool with your counter or bar space will compete your beautiful and functional space. Plus, bar stools can be found in a variety of designs, materials, shapes, etcetera for the ultimate personalized look!

Metal Bar Stools

            Opting for a metal bar stool has a handful of perks, one primarily being outdoor use. Metal is a great weather suited material. Additionally, there are many beautiful designs that can be incorporated into metal stools. Overall, a versatile choice!


            Upholstered stools are great for seats that will be getting a lot of use. Based on pure comfort, padded and upholstered bar stools are on obvious choice. They can additionally add a splash of individual style with the variety of colors and designs the upholstery comes in.


Backless bar stools bring a whole new element of sophistication and modernity to your home. While barstools already take up less space than traditional chairs, backless stools are even more subtle with their ability to be completely slid under bars and counters. They are sleek and include metal, wooden and upholstered options!


This fun option is fantastic for increasing the maneuverability of your home area. Swivel stools make getting in and out of the space easier and encourage conversation because it becomes that much easier to shift positions to talk to one another.


A simple wooden option is always a sure pleaser. Wooden stools are generally suited for all types of rooms and come in a variety of beautiful and hardy materials including oak, cherry, walnut, ash and mahogany.


Modern Kitchen Chairs

Have some fun with your living space by incorporating a modern look into your kitchen. Sleek designs and popping colors are a great way to add some spunk and character to your home. Modern kitchen chairs come in a variety of fun shapes, sizes, designs, materials and colors and truly bring that unique taste and character your home might be craving.

Kitchen Dinette Set

Similar to the pub tables, kitchen dinette sets can be the perfect option for the home hoping to promote intimate gatherings while simultaneously saving space. They serve as the perfect dining area, cozy breakfast nook or homework space. For homes that don’t need an extravagant, large dining room table to seat a large group or family, a kitchen dinette set is easy to manage while serving the needs of the space and size of family you have.