Bistro Tables

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Bistro Tables

Bistro Table Sets are the Rage!

Bistro tables and chairs offer space saving elegance to any home dining area in the San Francisco Bay Area. We offer bistro tables and bistro table sets in a variety of fabrics and finishes to complement any décor or lifestyle.

Bistro table and chairs are commonly recognized and valued for their unequaled use in entertaining. These chairs and tables are created and developed so that two people can dine comfortably with plenty of conversation. Bistro table and chairs have gained popularity due to their sophisticated features. There are different types of bistro tables and chairs, from more classic styles such as our Antique Metal Bistro Table Set, to more modern styles such as our Black Metal Bistro Table Set. They also come in a variety of wood finishes. Visit our casual dining furniture store to select one that suits your style and design preferences.

Our bistro table sets and tables in the San Francisco Bay Area are an ideal set-up for kitchen dining, afternoon tea in the sunroom, and for casual restaurant settings. But don’t forget that bistro tables are especially ideal for outdoor use. If you have a lawn or garden area that you would like to and enhance with an ‘accent piece’, then you might be interested in one of our bistro table sets that are especially designed with more durable materials for occasional outdoor use. Throw the garden party of the year!

The term ‘bistro’ comes from the phrase ‘Persian Bistro’, which in English means a small cafe with open seating. The first bistro table sets were seen in the late nineteenth century where, due to their historically ‘light’ and ‘nimble’ nature, they became a huge success with the lemonade-sellers who wished to avoid paying for a more ‘permanent’ fixture. Soon the legendary bistro table sets would be found everywhere … in Paris bistro cafes, in the outdoor cafes along the Seine and Marne rivers, and now… you will find them in a number of gardens and cafes throughout the West, where people will spend time gathered for coffee and conversation.

Come see our large in-stock selection of bistro table sets and chairs today in the San Francisco Bay Area. You will find many design options in our casual dining furniture store, each with its own style and character.