Animal Elements Being Adopted Into All Home Styles

Leopard Print

When you think about animal elements as home decor, do you imagine walking into a home that looks like a jungle as a wild tiger (or your pet cat named tiger) hides among the broad leaves of a fake fern as it is about to pounce on your suspecting toes? Perhaps you imagine walking into a hunting cabin with animal heads and antlers scattered across the furniture?

Animal elements have been popular for decades. Yet they don’t have to take center stage and be the main theme in the room. If you want to explore your quirky, groovy side, or just add a splash of unique style to the room, here are several ideas provided by California Stools, Bars, and Dinettes to add animal themes to your home whether you have a modern, industrial, contemporary or other architectural style.

Animal print pillows are usually the first baby step a person takes when they want to tap into their wild side. Leopard spots and zebra stripes can be found on a range of pillow sizes that can be placed on sofas, love seats and beds. Animal prints also are ideal for people of all ages, as children love the unique design in their rooms. When a person no longer desires to have the animal print theme in their home, they can use pillow covers and shams to change the print design on the pillow.

Animal Hide Chairs and Ottomans

The interesting thing about animal hide chairs is that you don’t have to incorporate the design throughout the room. Usually you would select one or two chairs to make it a nice conversational piece that may be in contrast to the rest of the decor in the room. Upholstered chairs can come in a wide range of themes, even looking like cow hide or sheepskin. You can have the chairs in the living room, a work chair in your home office, or even in your dining room when the family sits down to eat meals.

Don’t forget that animal elements can go beyond the color and print of the chair to instead focus on texture. Leather chairs with snakeskin and crocodile skin add a dimensional depth and style. If you do decide to purchase this exotic leather for chairs, make sure to read about how to properly maintain it.

Animal Print Rugs

Just like pillows, rugs are another easy way to add animal elements to a wide range of home styles without overpowering other decor themes. The rugs are usually placed underneath coffee tables in living rooms. Yet you don’t have to keep them confined to only that living space. You can place them in bedrooms between your bed and a long dresser, in the kid’s room with large sitting pillows so they can sit on the floor and read or play, or even along the hallway as a floor runner rug.

Get adventurous and consider adding animal elements to your home. You can bring the outdoors into your home in a unique fashion. Then show off your new decor style as your friends will love the look of the room.