Got New Bar Stools? Tips On What To Do With Old Bar Stools

Vintage Stool With White Wooden Background.

It’s past time to get new bar stools for your home. You find the perfect stools that fit into the decor theme of your dining room or kitchen at California Stools, Bars and Dinette Sets. Yet what do you do with the old bar stools? If you can’t gift them to a friend and your college-bound child doesn’t want the bar stools to clutter up his small dorm room, you can repurpose your former counter stool into other items that you can use in the inside and outside of your home. Here are several great ideas you may want to try to recycle the old bar stools and give them other functions.

Nightstands and End Tables

Just a dash of chalk paint or spray paint and you can transform the bar stools into instant nightstands and end tables. If you desire a wider table piece on top, you can attach another piece of wood, either square or round, to the top of the barstool seat. Keep in mind that the larger the table surface, the top-heavier the nightstand or table will become even with wide legs as bumping a large table surface could make the stool topple over.

Sofa Tables and Work Desks

Similar to the night stand idea, you can also make the table longer by adding another barstool to create a work desk or sofa table. You can cover the bar stool with fabric to match your space and create a softer feel. Use the tables as a new study area for the kids, an extra table in the craft room, or just a decorative table in the corner of the room to hold books and vases.

Outdoor Drink Cooler

It’s amazing how far a little ingenuity can take you. If you remove the bar seat and attach a metal bucket on top, you can create an instant drink cooler for your outdoor space. Fill it with ice and set wine coolers (or non-alcoholic drinks) inside as everyone can have a drink without impatiently waiting beside the wet bar.

Indoor/Outdoor Plant Stand

One of our favorite DIY barstool projects is a standing planter. All you’ll need is an old stool and dirt. Place the planter along the corners of your deck or inside your home by the window where the plants can get plenty of sunshine. You can also place herbs into the bucket to use in your cooking.

Garden Bird Houses

Bring more birds to your flower and vegetable garden who will eat up the pesky bugs that nibble on your plants by creating a garden bird house out of your old bar stools. Simply attach a large birdhouse to the top of the stool and place it in a corner of your garden. Make sure to securely mount the legs by either driving the metal ends into the ground or even cementing wooden bar legs in place.

The possibilities on what you can do with bar stools are endless. If you aren’t the type to take on a diy bar stool makeover, you can simply try to sell or give the stools away at yard sales and garage sales. Then the old bar stools can find a new home that isn’t at the local landfill.