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Best Restaurant Design Ideas

Restaurant Design Themes

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If you’ve set up a new restaurant recently, congratulations on this major step forward. When it comes to restaurants, interior design is important. You want to wow your customers with the ambiance, environment, and mood running in your business space. But choosing the perfect design is easier said than done, and you must consider many factors.

California Dining and Barstools is your best pick if you’re looking for the best local furniture store to furnish your restaurant with premium materials and innovative designs. This locally owned furniture store has one of the most extensive collection of barstools, dining furniture, and chairs.

No matter what interior plans you may have for your restaurant, you’re sure to find the perfect pieces to go with it at our store. California Dining and Barstools has years of industry experience and an unparalleled reputation for providing consistent, high-quality furniture to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Discover a wide range of restaurant space ideas to help you create an unparalleled and stunning atmosphere below.

Color Palette Selection

When it comes to the color palette selection for your restaurant, you have the liberty to experiment with hues. This element will not exactly make or break your food business, but it will largely impact the mood of your diners.

Our experts recommend very dark shades for sit-down restaurants. Red may only pass off for fast food joints, but the color doesn’t compliment fine-dining restaurant walls. However, you may want to consider light shades, such as pinks, lilacs, or even golden, to create a feeling of luxury.

You could also pick the softer natural shades and tones to start with. For instance, greens and browns with natural materials tend to encourage relaxation, which is great to have in your restaurant. The idea is to have your guests unwind and enjoy their time at your restaurant.

The softer hues will likely have them lingering over dessert and coffee, too, rather than just the appetizers and the main course. You could blend in oranges, yellows, and even silvery hues with your softer color palettes.

Other color palettes you must be careful with are blues and purples at your restaurants. These colors don’t tend to evoke feelings of hunger, but rather thirst. If you want your customers to spend more on your main courses, then it would be more advantageous to choose color palettes that positively induce feelings of hunger.

Restaurant Furniture Ideas

At California Dining and Barstools, you will find the most exclusive and large collection of dining sets in the Bay Area. As for your restaurant, here are the furniture options you could choose from. Give free rein to your creativity and let these furniture ideas help you create a unique restaurant and experience for your customers:

  • Caster dining sets: If you prefer flexibility and movement in your design concept, then you should not have to settle for stiff chairs. Caster dining sets offer chairs that can quickly move around from one place to the other effortlessly. Caster dining sets are an excellent way to enhance your interior decoration and give it a unique character.
  • Expandable dining sets: Do you want to be smart with your space usage? Then you should consider expandable dining sets. When you want to adopt a more minimalistic look for the daytime in the restaurant, you can keep your dining tables to their regular size to suit your needs. But when it’s time to cater to a crowd at night, let the hidden advantage of expandable tables shine through.
  • Glass dining sets: If you prefer the elegance of glass and are not afraid to organize lavish spreads on glass top tables for your customers, then you won’t be disappointed by choosing glass dining sets. We admit glass brings a formal touch, elegance, and sophistication that is hard to beat. Plus, you will love the easy maintenance and quick cleaning of your glass dining tables.
  • Metal dining sets: For restaurant owners who prioritize modernity and resilience in their furniture sets, metal dining furniture options are the perfect pick. Metal brings robustness and an industrial feeling that adds to the wholesome vibes of the restaurants. Plus, metal is durable, easy to clean, and scratch resistant, so you won’t have to worry about replacing the tables soon.
  • Rectangle dining sets: Do you have an elongated dining room at the restaurant? Why are rectangular dining tables just the perfect option for such rooms? Rectangular dining sets are also a perfect choice because they create more seating capacity and are flexible in placing. You may also stack your rectangular dining table against a wall to save space or gain more versatility with your restaurant arrangement.
  • Round dining sets: These are the perfect choice for modest restaurants, small areas, and minimalistic living. You should check out the stunning round dining furniture variety if you tick any boxes. The better space utilization leaves more room for traffic movement and less bumping, thanks to the smaller footprints of the compact design.
  • Upholstered dining sets: If you wish to add an unbeatably luxurious, elegant, and formal vibe and appearance to your restaurant, you can’t go wrong by choosing upholstered dining furniture. The captivating fabrics and prints will add vibrancy, and visual depth to your dining room, making it look lively, welcoming, and warm.
  • Wood dining sets: Nothing can beat pure wood’s uniqueness, appeal, and caliber. If you don’t want to settle for anything less than classic, high-quality, and pure wood that is durable and easy to repair in the long term, then you should consider our wood dining sets. Be it pine, walnut, oak, or more, we have enough wood dining sets to stun you.

Restaurant Décor Ideas

Moder restaurant furniture with wood tables and chairs

With the furniture and color selection in place, the next most important consideration for a new restaurant is its décor. Flat walls with nothing but paint isn’t very inviting or appealing to the customers. Take a look at the decorative elements below to spruce your restaurant.

Wall Art and Murals

Murals are very relatable and very aesthetic too. Not every restaurant owner prefers the gallery setup, but you could choose to showcase a local artist on your restaurant walls. Besides, it’s the age of Instagram, and customers love an artistic background for their selfies. Consider wall-sized murals for your restaurant. You could even add some fun neon signs to go with your murals. These are especially quite popular with the younger crowd.

Rotating Art Collection

Do you own a restaurant with plenty of open wall space? Then you could allot a budget and showcase local talent on the walls. You could feature new artists monthly or quarterly. It would be engaging to have a rotating collection of paintings, sketches, murals, and wall art for your restaurant.

If customers return every month or quarterly, they will find a lovely aesthetic surprise complimenting the color scheme, light fixtures, and more at your friendly restaurant.

Restaurant Lighting

dining table set with a modern yet rustic feel

Good lighting is essential for creating the right ambiance in your restaurant. Do you want ultimate chic, luxury, elegance, or jazzy vibes? Regardless of what ambiance you have in mind, the right choice of lighting can help you achieve it.

Also, determine the number of meals your restaurant will be open for. Do you intend to serve from breakfast? If so, you will need bright lighting so that customers wake up enough to enjoy breakfast and gear up for the day ahead.

For lunch hours, you need to have more subtle and moderate lighting. But here, you have to be mindful of other factors too. For instance, if your restaurant is a fast food joint, you will likely have to install bright lights. But if your restaurant qualifies as fine dining, then softer, more roman lighting will be a better choice.

For lighting in the dinner hours, we recommend a relaxed atmosphere for the more upscale or casual restaurant. Dimmed lighting helps create that environment, encouraging diners to feel comfortable and initiate a casual conversation over dinner.

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