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Best Modern Dinette Sets and Dining Tables

For good or bad reasons, every little detail of the dining experience can leave a lasting impression on the diner. The tables you select for your restaurant have the most influence on everything.

Of course, customers aren’t just going to your restaurant because they appreciate the size, design, and form of your dining tables. But if you don’t give your choice of tables for your customers’ dining experience much thought, you overlook a crucial element.

Whichever table you select enhances the whole experience of your restaurant in various ways, including how you use the tables and how the designs aesthetically blend with the general ambiance.

If you plan to renovate your restaurant, read our guide to understand how dinettes and dining tables enhance dining experiences.

What is a Dinette?

Round glass dining table and metal and upholstered design dining chairs.

A dinette is a compact dining set that consists of two to four seats and a table. Mostly, people use dinettes in kitchens and breakfast nooks because they are perfect for tiny spaces. Dinettes are excellent for studio apartments, small apartment kitchens, and even restaurants.

Types of Dinettes

Winners Only Carmel Dining Table Set

Dinettes come in a variety of styles, including:


Two chairs and a table make up a three-piece set that can seat three people. They are great for restaurants.


Counter-height dinettes are higher than a standard set. You can use a counter dinette if you prefer the ambiance of a bar setting.


Although you will find the majority in wood, metal is also common. These provide a smoother, more modern look and feel.

What is the Difference Between a Dinette Set and a Dining Table?

Winners Only Quail Run Dark Dining Table Set

Compared to dining tables, dinettes are often smaller and more formal. Dinettes were created as a more compact dining table for restaurants with limited space. Breakfast bars and dinettes both serve similar purposes.

In contrast to a dining table, which can accommodate eight to ten people, the dinette can easily fit four to six people. A dinette’s shape differs significantly from a dining table. Dinettes are ideal for everyday use and are often much smaller, whereas dining tables are often considerably larger and reserved for larger parties at a restaurant.

Types of Dining Tables

Extended rectangular table and cream colored upholstered chairs.

There are five varieties of restaurant tables, but while selecting the ones for your restaurant, consider your customers and their dining experience at the forefront of your mind. For various reasons, you could wind up selecting multiple table design options.

Two To Four-Person Tables

Two to four-person tables, which include a foundation and a tabletop, are arguably the most typical tables in restaurants. While tabletop materials, including marble, wood, granite, laminate, and resin, are available, table bases are often composed of metal. The most popular restaurant table shapes for up to four people are rectangular, square, and round.

Family Dining Tables

Family-style restaurants frequently use large tables since they may seat up to 10 people. People mostly use them in party rooms and banquet halls. Family tables are perfect for family-style gatherings to identify distinct regions. There are many sizes, shapes, and finishes for tables, including round and rectangular ones.

Outdoor Tables

Installing weather-resistant furniture is essential to creating an outdoor dining area. Aluminum, wrought iron, and wicker are all common materials. You can install umbrellas in sunlight-prone areas to improve comfort. Installing stackable furniture is another excellent suggestion. In this manner, it will be simple and effective to store furniture if your restaurant is situated in a location that requires it.

Restaurant Booths

The traditional table and booth seating arrangement is trendy. Booths provide clients with coziness, comfort, privacy, and greater legroom. Restaurant booths make the best use of the corners to increase seating capacity while minimizing customer interruption.

Booths are space-efficient and help restaurants save money over time, even though they might not initially be the most cost-effective option.

Bar Height Tables

Pubs and sports bars typically use bar-height tables. To successfully decide on the largest tabletop that may be utilized with it, you must know the base’s specifications. In many cases, the bottom has a footrest. This type of table typically uses bar stools.

Top Dinettes and Dining Tables for Sale

Rectangular wooden table with wooden and upholstered chairs.

If you are looking for unique dinettes and dining tables for your restaurants, check out our collection:

Top Dining Tables

Bermex 1070 Dining Table Set

Consider choosing a picnic bench-style table if you want a distinctive dinette set. A table with stylish legs, similar to those on a traditional picnic bench, can give your space a dynamic shape while yet being casual.

The best material for this type of strong table is wood. Use a solid color like this to give it an earthy touch. Place your table alongside a bench or a few elegantly upholstered chairs.

Xena Rectangular Dining Table Set

With its cushioned chairs and gorgeous A-frame table, this dining set offers you everything you’ve been seeking for a while yet is valuable and distinctive. A-frame legs and beautiful frame support will give your restaurant a unique appearance and exceptional durability. The robust structure beautifully blends with the seats.

Saloom Palmer Dining Table Set

This dining set can make any dining area look more attractive. Our dining set consists of a dining table and contemporary dining seats. With its timeless design, this table will uplift your space’s elegance.

The dining table has pedestal legs and a round table top, and the dining table chairs feature a linen fabric seat and slatted chair backs.

Our highly skilled carpenters helped us build these contemporary kitchen seats and dining tables, giving them a sleek, high-end finish.

Saloom Prima Dining Table Set

This dining set has a round table and elegant chairs that can seat your entire family. The modern Saloom Prima Dining Table Set enhances the dining experience and gives your space a sense of refinement. Moreover, the upholstered chairs have high backs and wooden legs, which make for an excellent relaxing experience. The dining set has a distinctive and lovely design.

Top Dinettes

Johnston Casuals Ethan Dining Table Set

This is an ideal set of seats and a table that can be hidden and tucked away neatly. The curved backs fit nicely into the rounded dinette. Moreover, it supports your back, making a circular table a perfect option for less space.

When choosing a dinette set for compact spaces with tuck-in seats, consider selecting this set because it provides a convenient option for comfortable dining with style.

Quail Run Dark Dining Table Set

You can keep your eating area organized by selecting a dinette set that fits smaller spaces. Choose solid colors, like this one, to enhance the space. Whether the decor is conventional or modern, a straightforward, timeless design with sleek lines of wood offers warmth to any environment.

Callee Bristol Dining Set

Smaller area furniture doesn’t have to compromise design to be functional and save space. Choose a dinette composed of high-quality materials and adorned with delicate features like a sculpted tripod or a carved pedestal base to boost your design without taking over the room.

However, choosing upholstered chairs will provide you with comfy seats and a relaxed atmosphere while maintaining grandeur and classic design. Avoid dark and stick to light, neutral colors.

Chromcraft CD324 II Dinette Set

A modern approach interior designers use to create a beautiful, cozy area that’s also quite comfy is mixing a modern and stylish dinette table with completely covered seats. The oversized chairs make them quite adaptable.

They are a perfect way to style compact spaces. For a plush, elegant aesthetic and maximum comfort, choose plush upholstery. Choose warm brown leather that is simple to wipe clean for a more practical option.

Carmel Dining Table Set

The product’s modest size is ideal for the tiny dining space. The item has a stunning color finish. The small dinette set blends seamlessly with any classic dining area. Given its dimensions, it makes a great dining set for restaurants. The chairs have a lovely design that provides extra backrest and excellent comfort.

Other Restaurant Furniture from California Dining and Barstools

Amisco Sorrento Pub Table Dining Set

Renovating restaurants or starting from scratch with restaurant construction can be a challenging task. Choosing the right furniture that blends well with the surroundings can make the process difficult. However, furniture shopping becomes exciting if you know the right places.

California Dining & Barstools is the perfect place to shop for restaurant furniture. You will find all the required products to decorate your dining space with comfortable dining tables and dinettes. Moreover, you will find a wide range of other products, such as the following:

Pub Tables

In addition to offering the same fabric and finish options as a more conventional dining table, several of our bar tables are extendable. Both sets and matching chairs are available, as well as single items.

A circular pub table, a metal base, a solid wood table top, a traditional style, and more are just a few of the various types of pub tables we offer. We offer a wide selection to make furniture buying simple.


We have a wide range of bar stools to make your restaurant’s space sleek and modern. You can check our comprehensive collection to find the style that suits your needs. Moreover, purchase a barstool between 24- and 26-inches height if you only use it for bars.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about our collection and to receive a quote!