How To Secure Outdoor Furniture From Wind

On a bright, sunny day, lounging on your porch or deck is a tranquil way to enjoy nature. However, maintaining your patio furniture can be difficult when the weather isn’t on your side. It can be challenging to hold your patio set’s chairs and table back into position in your backyard after chasing them across the yard or into the neighborhood. If you own a restaurant, it can be difficult to secure your patio outdoor furniture as well. Therefore, the next time there’s a heavy wind forecast, try employing a couple of the tips listed below to secure your outdoor patio furniture or restaurant furniture.

How the Wind Can Affect Your Outdoor Furniture


Environmental factors are a more frequent source of damage to outdoor furniture than long-term abuse. The situation could be different depending on where you live. However, in general, the weather conditions of rain, wind, and sun can damage patio furniture or garden furniture. Another aspect to consider is dirt.

Outdoor furniture made of wood is susceptible to breaking in the wind. Even minor imperfections here and there might add up and become clear over time.

Best Ways to Secure Outdoor Furniture


When there is a little breeze, your patio furniture is ideal for relaxing outside. However, what should you do to protect it when the winds kick up and become more powerful? It’s straightforward to fasten your furniture to keep it in place if you’re concerned that powerful gusts will blow it away. Continue reading for a comprehensive guide on safeguarding your furniture during lousy weather. You can do several things to protect your furniture during windy weather.

Invest in Heavy Furniture

Investing in furniture with a heavy duty design that makes it difficult to move is an excellent method to stop it from flying away in a high wind. A few other recommended materials to take into account when choosing outdoor furniture include:

  • Wrought Iron Furniture
  • Wooden Furniture
  • Steel Furniture
  • Cast Aluminum Furniture

It’s unlikely that a strong wind gust will move furniture built from these materials because they are heavy. Therefore, heavy winds will make shifting more significant pieces of furniture more challenging.

That also implies that relocating the furniture might be more challenging for you. Because of its weight, heavy furniture may be difficult for you to store or move about occasionally. Be mindful that the steel and iron may leave stains on your deck or patio.

Arrange Your Furniture in a Corner

To store outdoor furniture while it is not in use, stack the chairs and put them against a wall or in a corner. By arranging your furniture in this fashion, you may provide them with some shelter from the elements and block the wind from picking up your outdoor pieces and blowing them away. If you’re shopping for new outdoor furniture, think about nesting pieces that interlock with one another and stack neatly.

Use Earthquake Glue

This a simple way to keep your tables and chairs from moving or blowing away when it is windy, even though it makes relocating your patio furniture more difficult. Most hardware stores carry earthquake glue, a quick and inexpensive alternative. Originally designed to stop glass from shattering or dropping during earthquakes and extreme weather conditions, it also works well to keep furniture in place whenever strong winds blow through.

Use Bungee Cords

Using bungee cords to secure outdoor furniture against the wind is a terrific idea. You might use lattice seats and tables to keep your furniture in place during weaker gusts. Think about fastening them to a railing as an anchor point for additional security during stronger gusts.

Stack Chairs Up

Stacking light chairs keeps them from drifting across your yard or away from your restaurant because even heavy winds cannot blow away more essential things. They can be safe in place by stacking the seats, which increases their total weight. To further shield the wind, place the stack near a wall or in a corner.

Other Ways to Protect Your Outdoor Furniture


These additional tips will help you secure your outdoor furniture.

Group Furniture Pieces Together and Use Protective Furniture Covers

Investing in sturdy protective patio furniture covers is an easy way to stop outdoor furniture from taking flight like a bird. Stack a few chairs, or group with the table and chairs from a table set. To hold the group of furniture together, drape across it all.

If you can, tie the legs down and secure them, or place weights on the corner legs. Using this technique, people may relax outside on their lightweight furniture without worrying that they will fly away if left alone during a storm and restaurant owners can rest assured that their patio furniture will stay put for customer use.

Umbrella Base

The majority of wind-blown objects are umbrellas. If at all feasible, remove them and bring them inside. But if that isn’t a possibility, be sure to utilize a weighted umbrella base. The best ones have bolts that secure the umbrella, so it won’t blow away.

You might also purchase umbrella-weight bags. These sandbags, similar to the patio furniture weights, go over the base of the existing umbrella to prevent it from blowing away. As opposed to a weighted foundation, you’ll discover that these typically add additional weight.

Use Sandbags

Placing stakes in your outdoor chairs won’t work if you put them on a hard surface like a concrete patio or wooden deck. Sandbags are an alternative to stakes. Loop a piece of wire or rope through the hole in the furniture, then secure it with a sandbag.

The sandbag doesn’t have to be big to be noticeable as long as it weighs enough to tip the furniture. Any weighted object will function as an anchor; you do not need to use sandbags. You may add a large flower pot or another piece of furniture to the top.

Wrought Iron Frames

Wrought iron-framed patio furniture is a good idea for homeowners in high-wind regions. The weight of wrought iron frames is much more than that of structures constructed of plastic or aluminum. If you decide to go the wrought-iron way, be aware that once it is in place, this outdoor furniture style is challenging to relocate, so be sure to position it somewhere you will want to keep it for a long time.

Things to Consider When Buying Outdoor Furniture Covers


While you might want to put your outdoor furniture under some shade to protect it against harsh winds, this might not be a practical solution. However, you can get waterproof and tear-resistant covers to avoid damage to your furniture.

The best part is that you can also find UV-resistant alternatives to protect your furniture from the scorching heat and sun damage. Usually, these have side zippers that let you easily put them on or take them off, which is ideal for frequent use.

However, not every furniture cover is right for your use. When buying one for your patio or outdoor furniture, consider these few points:


Measure the bar stools, chairs, tables, or any outdoor furniture to find one that perfectly fits them. You can either cover each piece individually or get an extra-large covering to drape over all your furniture. While the latter is much more affordable, it may not offer optimum coverage, or your furniture might still suffer from regular weather wear and tear.

Secondly, ensure you place some support underneath, so the cover doesn’t droop. Otherwise, it might collect water and debris that can lead to mold and bacteria infestation.


Due to their sturdy composition, furniture covers are usually made of vinyl or polyester. That is why they can withstand inclement weather without showing wear and tear. Ideally, you should get waterproof covers during the cold, windy season as it protects the furniture from snow, rain, and wind.

Most people prefer vinyl as it locks out the water. But you can even find water-resistant covers in polyester too, and the good part is that they’re sturdier.

Looking to Replace Worn Furniture? We Can Help!

It’s crucial to secure your outdoor patio dining sets against the wind. It stops the barstools or other furniture from blowing away and lowers maintenance expenses associated with repairs, repainting, and missing component replacement. Protected outdoor furniture maintains its beauty and serves you for many years. If you are looking for stylish outdoor furniture for your home or restaurant, contact California Dining & Barstools today!