dining furniture during the holidays is the perfect gift

Give the Gift of Dining Furniture for the Holidays

Furniture may not seem like the most obvious holiday gift for someone in your life, but it can be! These items are usually more expensive, and therefore can be cost-prohibitive to someone on a budget. Young adults, new homeowners, and those in a transition phase can all benefit from the gift of dining furniture. Give someone comfort and peace of mind this holiday season by choosing dining furniture in San Francisco for them!

Dining Sets

In your 20s, you likely had a mismatched set of hand-me-down dining furniture. Although it may not have been the most esthetically pleasing, it worked! There are likely some 20-somethings in your life who could benefit from a fresh dining set. The kitchen area is highly used, and often serves double-duty, especially in smaller spaces. Dining sets are a great gift because they can last for several years through the wear and tear of college, moving apartments, and settling down in a starter home.


If the person you’re thinking of purchasing dining furniture for has a small space or prefers a minimalist style, dinettes are the perfect choice. These sets often come with a small table and two chairs, but other styles include a slightly larger style with four chairs. If this person is single or has a partner or roommate, the smaller set may be ideal. However, if they have small children or enjoy hosting guests, you may want to opt for the four-seat dinette.


Many apartments and newer homes these days are built with bar-height counters in the kitchen. These are great for keeping an eye on kids while preparing dinner or interacting with guests over a glass of wine. Regardless of how the person in your life uses the bar counter, barstools make a great addition to the space. Furniture stores in the Bay Area have a wide selection including upholstered seats, metal or wood legs, backless stools, armless stools, and many more!

Pub Tables

Pub tables sit a little higher than the average dining table. They are usually around 42″ high, while standard dining tables sit at 28″ to 30″. Pub tables work well for a casual environment and are a comfortable upgrade for taller people who need more legroom. These styles often serve well as multi-functional pieces of furniture. They make great desks, craft stations, homework areas, and space for board games and puzzles. Depending on the hobbies of the person you are buying for, you may want to also include a smaller gift of craft supplies or games with the pub table.

Surprise Them with Dining Furniture

Of course, it’s also possible that you have no idea what the person’s interior design style preferences are or how they would like to use their new dining set. If this is the case, write them a note explaining that you’ll take them out shopping to find the furniture they like. Then, present the letter in an envelope so they still have something to open. You could also get creative and gift them placemats or a table centerpiece as a teaser to a shopping adventure for dining furniture in San Francisco!

Shop the Best Furniture Stores in the Bay Area

California Dining & Barstools has a wide selection of dining furniture options in all styles and price points. We have two locations in the Bay Area to make shopping more convenient. You can also view some of our products online to get an idea of what you might like to give. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email your local store! Our Dining Furniture Professionals will be happy to help you make the right selection.