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6 Tips for Setting the Perfect Thanksgiving Table

The Halloween candy is nearly gone and many homes are setting up Christmas lights. But let’s not forget the family feast between these two holidays: Thanksgiving! If you’re looking to host the perfect get-together this year, start by using these tips to set a gorgeous Thanksgiving table.

1. Choose a Color Scheme

Dining sets look more cohesive if you choose a color palette and keep all items within that range. The standard fall colors of red, orange, yellow, and brown are always a great choice. You can choose to get a little outside the box by incorporating darker shades of blue and green as well. Make sure these colors are reflected in your napkins, plates, table linens, and centerpiece for a stunning table setting.

2. Mix Different Textures

Perhaps lots of color isn’t really your thing. Instead, focus on the textures and patterns instead of the color palette. Glass or ceramic plates with metal silverware on a linen or burlap placemat will add enough variety to the table to prevent it from looking flat, boring, and uninspired. You can also choose to mix patterns together. If you want to go this route, use the same pattern mixing rules as you would for clothing. One pattern should be larger than the other, but both should be complementary colors.

3. Match the Table Linens

Whether you choose a table cloth, runner, or both, selecting table linens in the same color and texture family will provide an easy backdrop to showcase your place settings and silverware. A full tablecloth is ideal for scratched or worn tables that you’d rather cover up. Of course, you could also visit California Dining & Barstools to find fresh dining furniture in San Francisco that you’ll love to show off! Then, all you need is a runner down the center. Plaid, gingham, and burlap add a cozy fall vibe to your table. Don’t forget to select placemats in the same color scheme, though you may try different textures to offset them from the table cloth or runner. Cork, linen, or rattan are all great choices.

4. Create the Perfect Centerpiece

A bouquet of fall flowers or a cornucopia of vegetables make for a traditional Thanksgiving table centerpiece. You could also design your own centerpiece using the season’s gourds, berries, twigs, and foliage from your own backyard! Add to the natural look with pumpkins, pinecones, and antlers. Pull it all together with a ribbon or twine snaking through the items or holding them together.

5. Don’t Forget the Serveware

The plates, glasses, and silverware aren’t the only items on your table holding food! The dishes you use to serve your turkey, potatoes, stuffing, and cranberry sauce all inform the look of your Thanksgiving table. Choose colors and textures that complement the other items on the table. When in doubt, stick with neutral colors. This is also the perfect time to bring out your bone china and stoneware. Glazed platters, gravy boats, and ladles give the eye a new experience, while a wooden cheeseboard keeps the table feeling rustic. Of course, you can also dress up simpler serveware with fresh fruits like grapes and pomegranates, as well as a bit of greenery to offset the colors of the food.

6. Incorporate a Kid’s Table

For the little ones at your gathering, dinettes and pub tables are the perfect solution. Although you may choose to use less breakable place settings and serveware, you can still use the same colors and textures as the adult’s table. This helps children feel included in the event, while still giving them their own space. 

Reading to Go Shopping?

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