Modern dining table with dining chairs

Furniture Trends 2022

A new year is upon us which makes many people start thinking about redesigning their homes. If you’re one who likes to refresh your home when you flip over the calendar, look for these trends when shopping at furniture stores in the Bay Area.

1. Plants

It’s human nature to appreciate a little greenery in your life. However, as the long days of winter drag on at the beginning of the year, it can be hard to get that natural green in your life. Bring in some plants, whether real or fake, to brighten up your dining space. Not only are they nice to look at, but they’re also a great way to energize your mind and body for the day ahead while you sip on that first cup of coffee.

2. Pops of Color and Patterns

White, beige, and gray are still popular choices for a dining room color scheme, but we’re starting to see bits of colorcome back into play. You may see this as a white table and chairs with bright upholstery, colorful art prints hanging on the wall, or a unique paint application on a statement wall. Especially prevalent are shades of rust orange paired with dark gray-blues. You might also see pops of patterns making their way into trend. This layering of fun patterns provides so much personality into any space. 

3. Marble Table Tops

Marble with gold or rose gold has become a favorite color combination lately for everything from stationary, to phone cases, and now home decor. Choose a table with white or gold legs and a marble-looking top to stay on trend this year. Marble is also a unique way to keep a fresh, bright look without being too bland. The white can be offset with almost any color of marbling, so shop around for dining furniture in San Francisco to find the one that suits your tastes.

4. Round Tables

Dining sets come in all shapes and sizes and the right style for you will depend on a lot of factors. However, we’re seeing a lot of homeowners opt for round tables in recent months. The casual feel of round tables gives a more intimate setting for quiet conversations. These are also ideal for smaller spaces since they’re easier to maneuver around but also provide a sleek, curving look that’s easy on the eyes.

5. Statement Lighting

Foyers and ballrooms aren’t the only place for chandeliers! Your dining room is the perfect place to add a statement lighting piece. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a glittering chandelier, but anything that’s large and matches the colors of your dining room will work well. Pendant lights are a great choice but also keep in mind how bright you want the bulbs to be (dimming bulbs are a great option!) as well as how low the light hangs if you have taller people in your family.

6. Multifunctional Spaces

Large kitchen islands have become a staple feature in many American kitchens. In grander homes, you can often find two or three islands in the kitchen that really allow for open space. Whether you use the island for preparing dinner, completing homework, or getting artsy, these surfaces can be the perfect place for many activities. Adding a few barstoolson one or two sides of the island make it easy to settle in for some quality work time.

7. Eat-In Kitchen

Many older homes were built with room in the kitchen for a small dining table, and then a larger dining room for full meals. The kitchen dining sets are coming back as we start multitasking more. Helping kids with homework or chatting with a friend while preparing a snack can still be accomplished with dinettes and pub tables in your kitchen area.

8. Art Deco

We’re seeing art deco furniture come back in 2022 interior style with bold geometric shapes and bold colors. This designtrend brings fun pieces to spice up different areas around the home. Art deco chairs are common in living room or dining room spaces. These chairs tend to use fun shapes and bold colors. 

9. Vintage Furniture

Furniture trends are leaning more sustainable with vintage furniture and overall style finding their way into homes. Vintage pieces bring so much character and decoration into a living room. 

On-Trend Dining Furniture in San Francisco

If you’re looking to refresh your dining and kitchen furniture in the new year, stop by California Dining & Barstools. We have a wide selection of dining furniture in several styles and price points. No matter which trend you’re trying to bring into your home, our friendly Furniture Specialists are ready to help! Stop in to our Sunnyvale/South Bay or Pleasant Hill locations today to see for yourself! You can also call your nearest store or send us a message online.