Modern restaurant and lounge area

How to Choose Modern Restaurant Furniture

Modern restaurant furniture, not surprisingly, is based on Modernism — the art movement that developed after the Second World War.  Modernism, at that time, was a broad shift from the overly ornate woods, wrought iron accents, and Art Deco styles that came before, focusing instead on minimal design and simple, elegant comfort. Today, this style of restaurant furniture is governed by function. It’s light in both visual and physical weight and attractive without sacrificing comfort. Interchangeable pieces are easily moved around to accommodate large or small groups, and versatility is king, with barstools and bistro tables taking center stage alongside pub tables and dining chairs. In the modern dining room, emphasis is on creating a simplified dining experience, rather than on decorative elements that clutter and detract from the quality of food being served. 

If you’re a new restaurant owner who hopes to create a gratifying dining experience for future guests, the furniture and decor you choose will serve as your first impression. Make sure your dining room says what you want it to say by selecting simple, quality pieces that provide comfort, longevity, and visual appeal. 

Deciding on Your Restaurant Style


Restaurants are diverse in how they look and operate, and to be successful in your restaurant endeavor, you must have a firm idea in mind of who your customers are and why they should frequent your establishment over others in the area. That’s to say, you must have a style in mind. Examples of popular restaurant styles include:

  • Fast Food
  • Casual Dining
  • Family-Style
  • Fine Dining
  • Bar or Pub
  • Cafe

Each style of restaurant caters to a different clientele. And each has its own appearance and expectations. Pub tables and barstools, for instance, aren’t typically needed in a family-style restaurant that welcomes small children. Just as casual dinettes are not the best choices for upscale, fine-dining establishments. Before you begin investing in commercial restaurant furniture, you should identify who will be walking through your doors and anticipate what their needs will be. This will help you better set the stage for a more refined dining experience. 

Benefits of Modern Restaurant Furniture


Modern restaurant furniture is comfortable, not clunky. It’s small enough to allow customers to navigate freely around and between tables, yet large enough to seat guests of most weights and sizes. Best of all, it says whatever you want it to say. Modern commercial restaurant furniture can be elegant or casual, family-friendly, or for adults-only. It can seat young couples or retired businessmen, babies, or barflies. It’s adaptable and completely versatile, yet comfortable enough to keep patrons coming back again and again. There are many benefits to choosing this style of furniture for commercial dining:

  • It’s on-trend and stylish.
  • It’s versatile and highly customizable in regard to color, fabrics, and materials used.
  • Much of it is height-adjustable.
  • It’s easily moved from place to place.
  • It’s made of durable materials that support tall or large guests.
  • It’s low-frill and made for comfort. 
  • It’s sleek and defined, eliminating the feel of a cluttered space. 
  • Many pieces are interchangeable and/or multi-purpose. 

Your modern restaurant furniture supply store can help you choose pieces that make the best use of the space you have available. This is true for indoor pieces and for modern outdoor restaurant furniture as well. 

Choosing Modern Restaurant Chairs and Barstools

Your choice of restaurant seating will set the tone for what guests should expect, so it’s important to select dining chairs, barstools, or dinette pieces that are the right scale for your space. The pieces you select should optimize comfort without taking up unnecessary room. They should seat guests at the right height at your tables, counters, or bar and should be positioned in a way that encourages friendly conversation. And if your establishment offers different eat-in areas, make sure you furnish each area accordingly, including:

  • Formal dining rooms
  • Casual dining areas
  • Outdoor dining spaces
  • Play zones
  • Conversation areas
  • Cafe tables
  • Counter or bar dining

This may mean investing in modern restaurant tables and chairs, outdoor metal tables and benches, casual fireplace seating, pub tables, dinettes, or commercial restaurant furniture that’s kid-sized or adjustable to accommodate infants. 

Choosing Modern Restaurant Dining Sets, Dinettes, or Pub Tables


Your choice of tables is important, too. You should fill your space without crowding it with furniture pieces. Patrons should be able to move freely between tables without bumping into other diners. They should also have adequate elbow room once seated. Booths should feature enough space between the bench and the table edge that larger guests can be comfortably seated without feeling cramped or crowded. 

When choosing modern restaurant tables, look for pieces that are sturdy yet compact. Choose pieces that can be combined in the event you need seating for a larger group. Tables should feature easy-clean surfaces and corners and edges that are customer-friendly. And they should work well with your choice of seating. While it’s not necessary to be matchy-matchy with your commercial restaurant furniture pieces, tables and chairs should complement each other, and they should provide a comfortable dining experience for your guests. 

Where to Buy Your Commercial Restaurant Furniture

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