outdoor furniture at a bistro with a croissant

How to Create a Coffee Bar at Home

For many of us, coffee is an important part of our morning routine. Whether you take time to savor it with a small breakfast or pour it in a to-go tumbler on your way out the door, make the process of brewing your perfect cup more streamlined with a coffee bar in your home. Here are a few ideas to inspire your DIY skills.

Start with a Small Nook

A popular trend in home remodeling is to create a coffee nook. This can be a great way to use small or awkward spaces in your kitchen and dining room. A simple shelving system, rolling cart, or repurposed furniture item can make for a quick solution. Of course, you can also go for custom cabinetry to ensure all your coffee-making accessories have their perfect spot.

Add Comfortable Seating

Once you have your coffee station set up, you’ll need a place to enjoy your morning brew. Your kitchen island or dining room table are likely your go-to locations now but consider adding a special area for your coffee bar.

Bistro tables are the ideal solution to mimic a smaller dining table. These are often just large enough for two seats but are usually around the same height as a standard dining room table, at 28″ to 30″.

Pub tables sit higher than bistro tables at around 42″. Common designs are meant for two seats, but larger tables that fit four and six seats are also available. Keep in mind that with a taller table, you’ll also need taller seating.

Barstools are the perfect accompaniment to pub tables, but they also work well for bar-height kitchen islands. If your space doesn’t allow for a small table or kitchen island, consider adding a shelf in front of a nearby window instead. This will create the feeling of sitting in front of café windows and watching the world go by.

Personalize the Space

Since this is your very own coffee bar, you get to decorate it however you like. You can choose to keep the same color palette as the rest of the kitchen area if you want a cohesive look. If your coffee bar is a bit separate from the main space, you might be interested in giving it a different esthetic.

  • Consider adding a vase of fresh (or fake!) flowers to the bistro or pub table.
  • Framed art in colors that match your current palette will help the space “pop”.
  • Vintage signs related to coffee or breakfast offer a unique way to decorate your coffee bar.
  • Inspiring quotes will set intentions for the day and start your morning off right. 

Start Designing Your Perfect Coffee Bar Today!

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