Recycling Your Old Kitchen and Dining Room Furniture for Earth Day

First held right here in San Francisco in 1970, Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22 by over 1 billion people in nearly 200 countries across the globe. The holiday was created to promote environmental protection efforts to ensure a safe planet for future generations. Common ways to celebrate include planting a tree, biking or walking to work or school, and donating used items you no longer need. It may sound easy enough, but when it comes to large pieces of furniture, like dining sets, you might be stumped on what to do with them. Here are a few ideas.


Check your local donation centers such as Goodwill or Salvation Army to see if they accept dining room sets. If not, you may be able to find a furniture consignment store who will be willing to pay a small amount of money if they are in good condition. If neither of these options work for you, reach out to friends and family members to see if anyone is looking for a dining room set that you could gift yours to. Regardless, you know you are helping someone else get what they need for their family and also avoiding having more trees cut down to create new furniture.


Some furniture stores in the Bay Area will also be able to recycle your old furniture. If your items are not in good enough condition to be sold or donated, your next idea is likely to just throw them in the trash. However, most furniture pieces don’t fit in the standard household trash bin, and many dumpster rental companies put restrictions on what you can toss in their containers. An official recycling center will know how to properly dispose of them and will take care of it all for you.


Sometimes a table may become more worn of out of style than the dining room chairs it came with. Sometimes a chair goes missing from the set, so you have an odd number. And sometimes, the pieces are just fine but you’re bored and want to switch things up with new furniture. You can repurpose the older pieces in new ways. For example, a table can become a craft station or desk. Dining room chairs can be reupholstered and used as a desk chair. Look around your house and think about the items you wish you had and see if you can get creative and make them from existing items!

Where to Buy Dining and Kitchen Sets in San Francisco

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