5 Great Barstool Ideas: How to Mix and Match Styles

Designing your home with unique pieces from furniture stores in the Bay Area is a great way to make sure your space looks one-of-a-kind. However, even when all your pieces aren’t exactly the same, they can still coordinate with one another. Here are a few ways to mix and match different styles of bar stools.

1. Upholstery Details

Sometimes the details make all the difference. When looking for upholstered barstools in San Francisco, see if you can find ones that have similar (or the same) fabrics, but with different stitching patterns. For example, one stool may have vertical stitching on the back, such as this Armen Living Journey Barstool, while the chair next to it has a diamond pattern like the Mikhail Darafeev Ponce De Leon Barstool.

2. Colors or Shades

Contrasting colors are a great way to add visual interest to your room. When looking for barstools in San Francisco, consider buying the same chair, but in different colors, such as the Euro Style Rudy Barstool, which comes in cognac and gray. If you are sticking with a monochrome color palette, try varying shades of the same color to give the same effect.

3. Legs

Another way to shake things up is to use barstools that have similar seats and backs, but different bases. Consider the sleek look of black leather seat and a chrome base, like the pedestal-style Kube Import Victor Barstool, next to the four-legged Kube Import Vera Barstool. Just make sure the chairs have the same color and texture on the seat and base, or they might end up looking too mismatched.

4. Backs

Depending on how you plan to use the space, you may desire barstools with backs for more comfortable dining. If the spot is more casual, consider back-less stools. If your vibe is somewhere in between, take a look at similar looking barstools but choose to have every other seat with a back or back-less. The Amisco Nathan Barstool and Amisco Regent Barstool are perfect options for this style.

5. Arms

Our final tip for mixing and matching barstool styles, is to choose the same chair, but have some include arms and some be without arm. The Callee Rebecca Barstool is a great example of an arm-less style which also has a sister style that includes arms. You can choose to sit these stools in an “every other” pattern or save the ones with arms for the heads of the table and place the armless stools at the sides.

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