3 Great Conversation Starters at Family Dinners

Throwing a family dinner party is a wonderful way to connect with those you love but finding things to talk about with extended family or in-laws can be hard. The best way to make a family dinner a success is to have some fun conversation starters ready to go to help put everyone at ease. Here are some easy conversation starts that work for all ages!

1. Jobs and Hobbies

While it may sound boring to talk about work at a family get together, you would be surprised by the number of people actually love their jobs and are passionate about the work they do. You can learn a lot about a person’s habits or interests based on the kind of job they have. Another option is to talk about people’s hobbies. Asking people about their hobbies is also a great way to get conversation going. Every person at every age has something that they love to do.

2. TV Shows and Movies

With the recent influx of streaming services, there is a tv show out there for everyone. From Disney+ to Netflix, the number of new, hit tv shows is never ending! As you know, wading through all of the media streaming services provide can be overwhelming, so utilize this time with family to get suggestions to help narrow your search. You might even find that some families watch the same shows, which will give them plenty to talk about.

3. Family News

Dinners with extended family or in-laws are a great way to hear about all of the family news that you may have missed. With family dinners, there is always something new going on. From engagements to a new puppy, breaking bread around the dinner table is the perfect place to find out!

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