How to Get a French Bistro Look on Your Patio

Spring is here and summer is not far away. If the warmer weather has you ready to explore the outdoors again, you’re not alone! But with our busy schedules, a long walk in the park isn’t always an option. Instead, enjoy some time outdoors on your very own patio with a bistro table and chairs set. Although there are many design options available throughout the furniture stores in the Bay Area, we love the French bistro look. Here’s what you need to know in order to recreate the look in your own backyard living space.

1. Small Size

Bistro tables will tend to be smaller in size. They are typically meant to provide enough space for two people. You won’t be likely to serve a full four-course meal with them, but they are ideal for your morning cup of coffee or evening glass of wine. You can also choose pub tables, which are taller than bistro tables. Where bistro tables are usually at the standard dining height of 28″ to 30″, pub tables sit higher at around 42″. This is comparable to sitting in the bar area of a restaurant. Keep in mind your table’s height when choosing chairs or barstools to go with it.

2. Simple Design

Keeping it simple is a French way of life. This also applies to your patio furniture. The French bistro look will have simple lines and appear lightweight. This is not the time for ornate decorations such as wrought iron curls or embedded design patterns. The small size of the table is also what keeps this look so simple because there is typically only room for two people. For seating larger groups, consider another area of your outdoor space and leave this small set in a secluded area for a little more privacy. It’s much more “French” to spend time alone or in a very small group.

3. Neutral Colors

Adding on to the simple design aesthetic, the French bistro look tends toward more neutral colors. Stick with white, black, gray, or beige for your patio furniture. If you absolutely must include color, stick to darker tones such as navy blue, forest green, or maroon. You may opt to keep the bistro set neutral while you decorate the nearby area with more color. For example, if you add seating near a fence, consider metal tack signs of vintage French advertisements to adorn your space and get you in the Parisian mood.

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