8 Reasons Why You Need a Breakfast Nook

A breakfast nook is a home feature that is not often included in floor plans for modern homes. It was originally used as a spot for people to enjoy a casual meal instead of serving at the formal dining room. Most homes these days have just one area for dining, but that’s not always enough. Here are eight reasons you should add a breakfast nook to your home.

1. Homework

In today’s homes, most rooms serve multiple purposes. The kitchen is a common gathering place, and it’s likely that kids do their homework here. Give them a space to get their work done without sacrificing your dining table or counter space.

2. Coffee & Cocktails

Sharing a drink with friends or family is a popular way to catch up on life. A breakfast nook featuring dinette sets in San Francisco gives you an intimate place to enjoy this time when the weather isn’t ideal for sitting on the patio.

3. Lack of Counter Space

For smaller kitchens with less counter space, adding barstools next to the counter is a popular choice to add more seating. However, it can be difficult to prepare a meal when children or guests are seated there. Bistro pub tables in San Francisco are a great addition to give you more room at the counter.

4. Weekend Brunch

Since casual dining was the original purpose of the breakfast nook, it’s the easy choice for serving up weekend brunches of pancakes, waffles, and eggs.

5. Kid’s Craft Projects

From coloring to knitting and building blocks, kids love to be creative. With a designated area for these projects, kids can feel free to explore their imaginations without getting in the way of others.

6. Monitor Children

Cooking dinner can take a lot of your attention. When the kids are in another room, you might not be able to manage both tasks effectively. Including kitchen dinette sets into your home gives kids a safe place to play while you prepare their meals.

7. Make an Awkward Space Functional

Especially with older homes, there can be small pockets of space that you’re just not quite sure what to do with. Building a breakfast nook in one of these areas helps you give purpose to an otherwise unused space.

8. Add More Storage Space

Since breakfast nooks are meant to be casual, bench seating is a popular choice. This also gives you the opportunity to create more storage space. Whether the bench features little doors you can open from the front, or if the seat can be pulled up, you’ll add more storage space to your kitchen and dining area.

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