Choosing Between a Metal and Wood Barstool

An at-home bar is the first step to living a luxurious life in the comfort of your own home. When designing your own at-home bar, small details go a long way. From picking out furniture as simple as barstools, you can create an entirely different look for your home bar. Barstools come in a variety of colors, bar heights, materials, and even a backless barstool these days. One of the most important choices to make is between a metal and a wooden barstool. Although this may seem like an easy choice, there may be a variety of things to consider that are not so obvious.

Wood Barstools

If you are striving for a more traditional look, wood barstools are the way to go. Homes built over 10,000 years ago typically used a lot of timber as the primary construction material, so there is no better way to give the bar a more traditional look than a wood stool. In addition, solid wood barstools are typically a great choice for many kitchen counters, especially if the floors are made of solid wood or hardwood.

Wood stools can have very intricate designs carved into them through fine-tip carving tools, or they can be designed using different staining patterns. Many valuable advantages are also overlooked when it comes to a stool seat made of wood. Aside from the décor, stools made of wood can easily be transformed into other furniture pieces. With the right shades of paint, wood barstools can make a perfect nightstand in a bedroom.

Metal Barstools

While there are many great benefits of having a wood barstool, there are equally as many benefits to having a metal barstool. One of the greatest benefits a metal barstool is that it’s easy to clean. They are easily wipeable which eliminates stains on the stool base. Metal barstools also come in handy when it comes to outdoor seating, these stools tend to be more weather resistant, and water will not cause significant damage to the stool. In addition, swivel stools are now available in metal. Swivel stools are growing in popularity due to convenience and comfort.

The design possibilities for a room when it comes to metal barstools are equally as endless as those of wood barstools. If a modern look is what appeals to you, for example, a metal barstool will likely be a good option for your home. Many newer homes have stainless steel appliances that metal barstools perfectly complement.

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