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5 Ideas for Styling Your Outdoor Home Bar

Most of us reach a certain age where it’s no longer fun to go out and spend all our money drinking at the local bars with our friends. Instead, we prefer to invite them over for a quiet night of drinking at catching up at home. Make the occasion even more special by serving up drinks at your outdoor home bar. Don’t have one yet? Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination.

1. Storage

The first thing to consider is how big you want your home bar to be. If you’re looking for a simple set up, try piecing together a couple wooden pallets with shelves on the inside. For something more elaborate, build a small refrigerator into the counter and include space for your glassware, shakers, jigger, muddler, bottle opener, etc. Also consider if you’d prefer to keep everything you need for making drinks outside in your bar, or inside, then carry it all out on a tray or bar cart.

2. Barstools

It’s always a good idea to have a couple barstools nearby so your guests aren’t stuck standing at the bar for hours on end. Keep in mind that barstools come in different sizes. For the average kitchen counter height, stick with 24″ to 26″ tall barstools. If you want something at bar height, go for 28″ to 30″ high.

3. Outdoor Kitchen

Many times, drinks come with snacks or a meal. If you want to serve up some treats at your outdoor home bar, add an outdoor kitchen. You can keep it simple and include just a pizza oven or warming griddle. If you have an inner professional chef, go all out with a grill, stove, open counter space, sink, cutting boards, and anything else you desire.

4. Additional Seating

Especially if you’re including an outdoor kitchen, you’ll want to have additional seating. Bistro tables are ideal for two guests who are just having a drink or light snack since they tend to be on the smaller size. Pub tables are better for slightly larger groups and if you’re serving a full meal since they are about the size of a standard card table. They are also perfect for playing card games while you enjoy a beautiful night outside.

5. Lighting

You’ll want your outdoor home bar space to be bright enough to see at night, but without ruining the ambiance in your backyard. Hang string lights in front of the bar and hanging pendant lights overhead. You can even opt to have dimmable bulbs that allow you to change the brightness as you wish. Turn them up when you need to mix a drink, then turn them down to enjoy some casual conversation.

Design, Build, and Style Your Perfect Outdoor Home Bar!

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