Wood round pub table surrounded by wooden and metal bar stools.

5 Ways to Incorporate Pub Tables Into Your Home

Over the last year, we’ve all learned how important it is to enjoy spending time in our homes. One way to make it better is to have the right furniture for your lifestyle. If you’re really into watching sports, we know this year has been difficult. However, with the Super Bowl coming up in February, it’s a great time to order some pub tables to watch the big game from home! Here are five different ways to use pub tables in your space.

1. Basement

If your home has a finished basement, it can be the perfect place to set up the TV, add a couch and side tables, and do some relaxing. Putting a pub table in this space gives you some extra seating, a place to lay out all your snacks and drinks, or a spot to sit and eat without worrying about getting buffalo sauce on the couch.

2. Home Bar

Many of us have added a personal bar to our homes this year. What better place to sit and enjoy a drink than at a pub table in your home bar! It can also provide you with some extra space to make your signature cocktail if your home bar simply consists of a loaded bar cart and not an entire mini-kitchen.

3. Man Cave

Getting away from it all is vital to maintaining your sanity. If you have an extra room or basement space that you’ve turned into a man cave, it’s the ideal spot for a pub table. Use it to play cards or board games, have a meal, watch the game, and enjoy a drink of your choice.

4. Kitchen Nook

Learning how to make the most of our spaces has been a big theme throughout 2020. Kitchens are doing double duty as a place to eat and work. If you’re looking for a little extra room to spread out, a pub table can be the perfect fit. Place it up against a corner with two chairs for an intimate setting. If you have a small nook, a pub table is the ideal way to utilize that space and make it work for you.

5. Dining Room

Of course, a pub table doesn’t have to be a small addition. They also work as your main dining table! If your family is on the taller side, or if you just like to have a leg room, the longer legs of a pub table set the surface up higher, leaving more room for your feet, legs, and even the dog who is begging for scraps.

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