dark wood dining room table with white chairs

4 Most Asked Questions About Dining Tables in San Francisco

When upgrading your home furniture, it’s natural to have a lot of questions. And in today’s connected world, you’re likely turning to a search engine to answer them. Of course, you may also ask friends and family for their opinion, but they’re not always available at 9pm while you’re halfway watching Netflix. Here are some of the most Googled questions about dining tables in San Francisco, and how we answer them!

1. What’s the Most Fashionable Dining Room Furniture for Sale in San Francisco?

Everyone wants to stay ahead of the trends and avoid looking stuck in the past. When you’re upgrading your dining room furniture, look for consider choosing something in the farmhouse style, for a cozy authentic look. This style will feature a lot of wood. Think of a natural wooden table top with black metal legs. Mid-century modern, with its clean lines and geometric shapes, is also back in style. Consider having neutral colored furniture so that you can dress it up with colorful table settings or change them out for the various holidays and seasons throughout the year.

2. What Size Dining Table Do I Need?

The best size dining table for your home will depend on the space you have available and how many people you intend to have seated there at each meal. If you space is on the smaller side, consider a table with fold-down sides so you can make more room during the day when you don’t need the table. If you have a larger family, you might think of choosing bench seating on one side to add a few more seats to the table instead of everyone having their own chair. Take measurements of your space before you start shopping so that you won’t be disappointed by falling in love with something that doesn’t fit.

3. Why Choose a Round Dining Table?

A round dining table is perfect for smaller groups, usually with four seats. If you need something a little larger, consider an oval-shaped table that can seat six guests. They offer a more intimate setting than the standard square or rectangular tables which makes them great for at-home dates or dinner parties with close family and friends. These round styles can also be a design that works well for smaller spaces since you won’t be taking up room with the corners of the table. Accentuate the look with round placemats and curved chairs to match the smooth, flowing lines of the table.

4. Where to Buy Dining Chairs in San Francisco?

When you’re shopping for the highest quality pieces to add to your home, look no further than California Stools Bars and Dinettes. We are one of the top furniture stores in the Bay Area and have a wide selection of choices for your dining room. Shop our inventory online or visit our stores in San Jose or Pleasant Hill. Our furniture experts will be able to help you choose the perfect size and shape dining room furniture for your home.