Wooden chairs at table in natural white dining room interior with poster and lamp. Real photo

Granny Chic? 3 Features of the Cottagecore Trend in Home Decor

With many of us staying home more throughout 2020, a love affair with our spaces and the need for comfort has grown. From baking bread and making big pots of soup, to wearing cardigans and leggings 24/7, many of us are embracing an interior design trend called “cottagecore”. It is reminiscent of a rural farm lifestyle from decades ago where people would grow their own food and make their own clothes. If you’re looking to bring this cottagecore style to your home, here are a few tips for making it work.

1. Wooden and Wicker Materials

The main goal behind the cottagecore trend is to go back to a simpler time with simple living. Essentially, if it looks like something straight out of the Anne of Green Gables book series, it likely fits the cottagecore decor and aesthetic. This means using natural materials and natural elements for your furniture, decor, and accessories that are easier to find and build. Think of natural wooden tables and chairs, rustic wooden furniture, wicker baskets, and cloth napkins. You won’t find as much metal or plastic with this style as those were not popular materials in the early 1900s.

2. Indoor Florals and Greenery

Getting back to nature has been a way for many of us to cope with the 2020 pandemic. Greenery and water bring peace to many of us. During the winter months, we can bring this sense of the outdoors inside our homes by adding floral wallpaper, floral wall art prints, floral patterns, botanical prints, botanical motifs, and greenery throughout our spaces. Whether you buy fresh-cut flowers every week or choose to go for the fake variety, your senses will appreciate the gesture. If you have pets, be sure the flowers and plants you choose for your home will not harm them if they choose to bite or nibble on the stems, leaves, or petals.

3. Muted and Natural Colors

Many people would think that the cottagecore look and cottagecore design can be boring when it comes to the decorative element of color palette. Certainly, there is a lot of natural colors including brown wood and white or cream shades of linens with this style. However, you can still incorporate other colors, but they will tend to be soft colors that are more muted or pastel than the bright colors of recent decades. Look towards baby pink or blue, mint and lavender, or creamsicle and daffodil shades of your favorite colors to decorate your cozy spaces. You’ll also have the added benefit of a color palette that’s easier on the eyes with cottagecore charm!

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