Round Wooden Table With Centerpiece And Wicker Chairs

5 Dining Room Trends for 2021

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been a weird year for us all. Being separated from those we love is hard to do. We are all looking forward to seeing our extended families again in 2021, and that will likely happen around dining room tables throughout the country. When you’re ready to invite people over again, impress them with an up-to-date dining room set! Here are a few trends on our radar to help your dining space ring in the new year!

1. Small Changes

Sometimes the smallest changes can have the biggest effect. Try adding a new table cloth or placemats to the table. Decorate with a centerpiece. Bring new wall art or greenery into the space. You might be surprised how much these small, affordable changes can really transform your dining room into something new and exciting.

2. Multi-Purpose Solutions

Many of us will still be working or learning from home after we turn the calendar, so it’s important to make the most of our spaces. Dining sets that can double as computer desks or homework stations is a great way to make your space work for you. Keep the accessories simple so they can be moved when it’s time to work and replaced when you’re not using the table.

3. Natural Materials

Today’s dining rooms are going for a more natural vibe. From wicker furniture, to open weave caning material, and woven seagrass baskets, these natural elements are seeing a comeback. Homeowners are looking to lighten up their space and make it more breathable by using white walls and upholstery with light colored accents such as gray and tan.

4. Marble Accents

Marble is a timeless material that is often associated with kitchens and dining rooms … and for good reason! Not only does it make for a chic and durable countertop, it also is great as scratch-proof serving pieces, heat-resistant candle holders, and wine-chilling vessels. It comes in a variety of colors and grains so you’re sure to find a pattern you like that brings beauty to your tablescape.

5. Outdoor Dining Rooms

Given the current pandemic, many people are trying to be outdoors as much as possible. Thankfully, in beautiful Northern California, this is possible all year long. Take advantage of an outdoor deck or patio and move the dining room table outside! This gives you a safer space to gather with friends and family and still enjoy your time together.

Upgrade Your Dining Space for 2021

With two retail locations in the Bay Area, California Stools Bars Dinettes is your best bet for finding dining sets to suit your style and budget. If you’re looking for singular pieces, we also offer a variety of dining room tables and chairs that can be purchased separately. Conveniently located in San Jose and Pleasant Hill, you can contact us online or call your nearest location to speak with a furniture professional. We can discuss your current space, budget, and needs to help you find the perfect dining room set for you.