Rectangular glass table with green upholstered chairs.

5 Top Furniture Trends for 2021

This year has been a wild one for all of us and we’re looking forward to things calming down in 2021. What better way to ring in the new year by revamping your living space! Interior design professionals are already making predictions for what’s going to be hot in home decor next year, and we’ve definitely seen the demand for these kinds of items increasing. Here’s what we’re selling a lot more of these days.

1.Rich Jewel Tones

Soft pink will be the color of the year and this applies to everything from clothing to makeup to home decor. Add this to your space with upholstered chairs at the dining room table, or barstools at the counter. You can choose to remain with the softer shades, or amp them up with darker tones such as navy blue or forest green.

2.Natural Materials

Many people are seeking to go back to basics with their interior design. Including raw wood and metal elements in your furniture is a great way capture the look. You might also consider leaving concrete floors bare and placing ceramics on kitchen tables. Start with the furniture and then work to include your chosen accessories.

3.Rounded Shapes

Curved lines are back in style much like they were in the 1970s. This means round dinettes, curved desks, and oblong tables. Without harsh lines and sharp edges, you’ll have a more comfortable feel to your space while still maintaining a look of elegance. Plus, you’ll end up saving a little space around the edges!

4.Metal Accents

Metal is often seen as cold, harsh, and unforgiving as a furniture material. However, today’s designers are giving it back it’s stylish nature while pairing it with other elements. Think of a metal frame to the glass table and upholstered chairs. Or you might have metal legs with a wooden table top. The options are endless.

5.Unique Pieces

Today’s homeowners are not always satisfied with looking just like everyone else. They want to bring their own sense of personal style to their living spaces. Having unique dining room sets or home bars with pub tables in the man cave is one such way to show off your personality and make your space your own. Try cozy textures or fun colors to suit your tastes.

Are You Inspired?

We hope that 2021 holds many good things in store for you! If you’d like to start off the new year with one or more of these decorating trends, please come visit us! At California Stools Bars Dinettes we have a wide selection of dining furniture to suit any style and budget. With location in San Jose and Pleasant Hill, we are easily located in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you have questions or need a design consultation, please give your nearest store a call or stop in to talk to one of our furniture specialists. We would love to help you design a space that’s truly yours while still being on trend!