Take Your Indoor Furniture Outdoors for the Perfect Summer Patio

Summer is the time for easy living. With the warm days and nights, much of your time will be spent outdoors. When setting up your patio, you should consider purchasing furniture that can be used both inside and outside your home. Bar stools and pub tables are perfect choices to enliven your indoor space and can set the perfect tone for your patio. The beauty of using indoor furniture in your outdoor world is that you can save money by buying less furniture and you know your patio furniture is well-built, fashionable and durable. This act makes your patio an extension of your home instead of a separate space.

Bar Stools: Move Seamlessly from Indoors to Outside

Quality bar stools make great outdoor furniture. They are easily moved from your breakfast nook to the outdoors. They don’t take up much room and are easy to move around your patio for everything from a jamming party to an intimate conversation. Bar stools don’t take up a lot of space if your patio is small or you if you have a lot of friends. When winter comes, bar stools can be moved back into the house for everyday use or stored safely out of the elements. In the event of a storm, bar stools can easily be moved inside, unlike cumbersome chaise lounges and outdoor sectionals.

Pub Tables: Casual yet Refined

Pub tables pair well with bar stools as they are generally higher than a traditional table. This creates a unified style, whether they are used inside or outside the home. Like bar stools, pub tables are not singularly inside or outside type of furniture. They can be used in both environments for a classy yet casual appearance. They are perfect for informal meals, drinks with friends or as a relaxed workspace.

Dinettes: Go Big and Stay Home

If bar stools and pub tables don’t provide the upscale look you desire for your patio, or if you’re looking for a larger setup, you should consider a dinette set. Dinette sets offer fluid, artistic lines and styles and won’t bust your wallet. They also provide a sense of permanency, while still offering the portability of stools and pub tables. Dinettes are available in a wide range of styles, materials of construction and sizes to accommodate family dinners, cocktail hour with friends, a platform for staging buffet items or a casual get together. Look for dinettes constructed from metals and glass for the best outdoor reliability. Dinettes constructed of durable wood like oak, maple and teak will also provide a long lifespan but will require occasional oiling or varnish to stay in optimal condition.

There is no reason to focus on outdoor furniture when designing your external living space. Indoor furniture, whether in pieces or sets, can make the transition to multi-settings. By doing so, you will save money, create a classy environment and be able to truly relish your summer lifestyle.