Fall into a New Dining Room Set in Time for the Holidays

Whether you’re renovating a home or buying a new one, shopping for new furniture can be exciting. Arguably, the most essential furniture you’ll need, particularly during the holiday season, is the dining room set. Follow this step-by-step guide on how to purchase the perfect dining room set to entertain family and friends this fall.

Deciding on shape and size

When buying your dining room set, the first thing you should consider is the table because it serves as the focal point of your space. Begin your search by narrowing in on the most suitable shape and size depending on the space where you intend to set it up. Oval and rectangular dining tables are appropriate for narrow or long rooms. A round dining table is best suited for square-shaped room as it helps to maximize the space and allow movement around the dining set. Square tables are also suitable for small spaces as most of them are designed to seat four people.

Your dining table’s size will depend on the dimensions of the space and how many people you’d like it to accommodate. The space between your dining set and the nearby walls should be at least 40 inches. This allows guests to comfortably get to their seats even while some chairs are pulled out.

How tall should my dining table be?

There are two basic dining table heights: counter and standard. Counter height dining tables are normally 36 inches high and require chairs between 24 to 26 inches high. These pub-type tables are ideal for small spaces to create an open, informal look and feel.  Standard-height dining tables are the more conventional option. They measure about 30 inches tall and are usually paired with 18 to 23-inch chairs. You can also mix and match them with stools and benches. These tables create a formal look and work perfectly for families and larger gatherings.

Choosing dining room chairs

Your dining chairs should complement the table in terms of shape and dimension. You need to ensure that the dining room chairs are the right width to accommodate guests seated next to one another comfortably. Make sure the chairs are also an appropriate height so that you don’t feel like you’re sandwiched between the tabletop and the chair.

Factors to consider when choosing your dining room set

Apart from the size and shape of your dining set, there two more essentials you need to consider when shopping for your dining room set. These include:

  • Material – If you’re going for a wooden table, consider hardwood such as walnut, teak, maple, mahogany or oak rather than composite woods such as plywood. This will enable you to enjoy your dining room set for years on end.
  • Veneer – A thick veneer tends to lift away from your table over time. You can identify a thick veneer as it has obvious “seams” at the corners. It also feels like plastic.

Your dining room is where you make lifelong memories with family and friends and your dining room set is the centerpiece of the space – and should be a true reflection of your personal style and lifestyle.