Kitchen Furniture for Small Spaces

The search for furniture to outfit your small kitchen can be challenging. When considering the task, it’s good to remember that space is as important as design. There are many creative solutions for small spaces and the kitchen is no exception. Often the kitchen is considered the heart of the home; it’s where people gather to eat, visit and celebrate, so comfort and function are crucial factors to consider when shopping for your furniture. The options are endless, but a few simple pieces can get your space set-up for eat-in cooking and dining.

Limited space for seating is typically an issue in smaller kitchens, which is why considering a banquette might be one way to offer seats for diners. Banquettes can be positioned in a corner of the room which would allow the table to be pushed up against that corner, it will then open the room up for additional furniture if necessary. The bench seating can include storage under the seats if your cupboard space is limited.

Folding and moveable tables and chairs are great alternatives if there just isn’t enough room to have permanent furniture. They can also provide dining space for extra guests that you don’t normally entertain day to day. Putting tables and chairs on casters makes moving them in and out of the kitchen easy and hassle-free.

Bar stools and footrest stools can be added for higher table tops and bench style seating. They don’t take up a lot of space and can usually be stored under the countertop or table.

Sometimes small kitchens don’t allow room for much in the way of kitchen furniture, in which case a simple bar made from a slab of wood or metal would be perfect on a wall. It wouldn’t take up much room, could run flush with a wall and still give diners a place to enjoy a meal.

There is an assortment of alternatives to the traditional kitchen furniture available on the market, and once you measure the space and consider the functions of what goes on in your kitchen, it’s fun to add your own creative solutions that mirror your personal taste.