Ideas for Updating Your Entertainment or Living Room

Is it time for your living room or entertainment room to get a few updates before summertime? Consider a few budget-friendly fixes that can be done in an afternoon, to get the look you desire without feeling like you need to completely remodel the space. There are several quick fixes and there are some more involved changes that will take some time, but either way, it can be fun and inexpensive.

A new coat of paint is an inexpensive option and can change the feel of the room instantly. Even if you only paint one wall, adding a bit of color can be fresh and inviting and may give the impression the room is larger. Whites and neutrals will blend and allow your accessories and décor to stand out. Consider white walls and some bright colored pillows to evoke a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.

Upcycled or reclaimed pieces of furniture can save you a lot of money and simultaneously add some character to the space. Be sure to consider function before getting rid of any current furniture, the last thing you want is to replace your couch with an uncomfortable trendy one only to have your family protest because they miss the durable soft couch they had grown to love. Sometimes just adding some new throw pillows can brighten your couch and revive the space. Movie watching is better when you have a couch and chairs you can snuggle into and relax from the daily grind, so trade in that uncomfortable seating and find something that suits your lifestyle.

Another uncomplicated way to liven up your area is to simplify the clutter and remove pieces of furniture that go untouched or just exist to fill the room. Remove books that haven’t been opened in years and tchotchkes that are only touched when you dust. Clearing out the clutter opens the room up and removes distractions, then your guests can focus on that beautiful piece of art you are so proud of, or the new couch you want to showcase.

Perhaps that ugly bookshelf in the corner would pop if you painted it white, or the coffee table you’ve been meaning to sand and stain has become an eyesore. Old furniture can be reborn with a quick coat of paint or if you have the time and resources, a good sand and stain. No need to rush out and buy new, reinvent what you already have, and you’ll be surprised with the results!