3 Simple Spring Home Party Ideas to Entertain Your Guests

As the warm weather rolls in, your backyard will begin to show off its beauty with lovely flowers, full bushes and trees regaining their leaves. It is the perfect time to show off your yard by hosting a spring home party. It allows you to get out of the house, re-acquaint yourself with old and new neighbors, and have an entertaining time. Use these 3 simple and easy spring home party ideas to please your guests.

Giant Jenga Game

When it comes to outdoor fun, playing a board game that has been supersized can get your guests laughing all through the day. Consider creating a Giant Jenga game using large blocks of wood painted in fun colors. Then set the boards up on a flat surface and watch your guests stand in line to play.

Dance Instruction Party

Whether you are outside in the sun, or inside if a spring shower crops up that forces everyone inside, you can entertain your guests with a dance teaching party. Choose a dance that will get the bodies moving, such as salsa or the Macarena. You can hire a dance instructor to teach an hour group lesson.

Garden Masquerade Ball

This is fun entertainment when you are hosting an evening or night party. Invite your guests to dress up. You can even make it into a game where people have to guess who is behind the mask. You can offer a prize to the person who has the right number of guesses.

Always consider bringing the natural elements of your landscape into your spring home party. From fresh-cut flowers as people can make their own centerpieces and decorations to pool parties and the warm days, there are countless ways to invite family and friends over to your home this spring so they can have an entertaining time.