Tips on Renovating Your Kitchen to Make It Feel More Open

When it comes to kitchen renovations, many homeowners like an open concept to the room design. You want to bring in more light into the space or to be able to see into the living room and the dining room. You may also want to have a way to speak and entertain guests while cooking meals. Check out the following tips about renovating the kitchen to make it feel more open. 

Place in a Large Wall Opening 

You may decide to have a larger door opening leading from the kitchen. If the wall doesn’t have a door and it isn’t a load-bearing wall, you can cut out a large opening, much like an interior window without the glass, so you can see through it as you place a small counter piece into the opening. You can also do a large interior opening next to the door with a small half counter. 

Have See-Through Cabinets 

If you have upper cabinets above an island or counter space that are blocking the view into another room, consider placing in see-through cabinets. You still retain the cabinet space you need for dishes and other kitchen items, yet the front side and back side of the cabinet has glass doors. A see-through cabinet can also allow for more light to enter the kitchen. 

Improve Room Flow 

A reason that the kitchen area may feel small is that there are too many things taking up the available space. You can make it feel more open by adding shelving to hold pots, pans, small appliances and spices to free up counter space. You can purchase a smaller kitchen table if the existing one is too big for the room. You may also decide to place the refrigerator into a wall inset to have more floor space. 

Evaluate the kitchen to determine places where you can renovate it to create a more open room. Make it functional and beautiful for your meal-cooking needs.