Making Your Kitchen Furniture Match Your Design Theme

After winter, many people begin planning spring and summer home renovations. The kitchen is normally a room on the remodel to-do list, as you may be upgrading the appliances, placing in new flooring and counters, or making the room bigger. Once you have all the renovations completed, it’s time to decorate the space so it matches your design theme. Yet you may be wondering how to match your kitchen furniture into the theme as well. 

Match by Color 

Perhaps the easiest way for your furniture to match your design theme is by color. Look at the main colors and accent colors in the kitchen space. Then select furniture that has the same colors either on the cushions or in the materials. 

Match by Home Style 

Your home style can play a huge factor in helping to select the right kitchen furniture. If you have a nautical design theme, you may select kitchen furniture with a distressed appearance to make it look like it was weathered by the sea. If you have an industrial design with exposed brick, steel girders or wood rafters, you may select kitchen furniture — such as glass tables and metal chairs to go with the steel girder theme — that match this design. 

You may decide to simple match your furniture to the materials in the kitchen space. So if you have walnut cabinets and counters, you can go with the same walnut shade with your furniture. You may also match your kitchen furniture materials with your appliances. If you have steel appliances, you can select steel furniture that matches the same color. 

There are many ways to match your kitchen furniture to your design theme. Select the best way based on how the kitchen is designed, the materials that are used, and the colors that are throughout the space.