Picking the Right Stools for Your Dining Table

Having enough stools to please everyone that is sitting at your dining table is a must, especially if you plan to host a lot of dinner parties for coworkers and friends. Yet having stools that are too tall can cause people to feel uncomfortable. Their legs can become wedged in the tight space and scrape against the bottom of the table surface. Also, it can be hard to move the stool back from the table when standing up if there isn’t enough space as the stool could be too wide. 

Sizing the Stools for Dining Tables 

Dining tables come at a range of heights, from 28 inches to 31 inches. Most people are comfortable when there is about 9 inches to 12 inches of space between their legs and the table top. This measurement can vary depending on the size of the person sitting at the table, as children may need a higher stool. In addition, the thickness of the tabletop and the table curtain can also impact the size of the stool. 

Dining stool heights can average from 17 inches to 20 inches high (counter and bar stools can be from 24 inches to 30 inches from the seat of the stool to the floor. So if the dining table is 28 inches, you want a stool that is around 18 inches. 

When measuring the tables and stools, remember to take the measurements from under the table to the top of the stool’s seat. Take into consideration the table’s apron, if it has one, and any padding that the stool might have that can change the measurement. 

Whether you decide on a round or square stool seat, keep in mind that the width and depth of the seat will also impact the number of stools you have at the table. The best way to decide on a stool is to sit in it and see how comfortable it feels. Then you can be rest assured that you are getting the right one for your needs.