Making Your Kitchen Furniture Match Your Design Theme

After winter, many people begin planning spring and summer home renovations. The kitchen is normally a room on the remodel to-do list, as you may be upgrading the appliances, placing in new flooring and counters, or making the room bigger. Once you have all the renovations completed, it’s time to decorate the space so it matches your design theme. Yet you may be wondering how to match your kitchen furniture into the theme as well. 

Match by Color 

Perhaps the easiest way for your furniture to match your design theme is by color. Look at the main colors and accent colors in the kitchen space. Then select furniture that has the same colors either on the cushions or in the materials. 

Match by Home Style 

Your home style can play a huge factor in helping to select the right kitchen furniture. If you have a nautical design theme, you may select kitchen furniture with a distressed appearance to make it look like it was weathered by the sea. If you have an industrial design with exposed brick, steel girders or wood rafters, you may select kitchen furniture — such as glass tables and metal chairs to go with the steel girder theme — that match this design. 

You may decide to simple match your furniture to the materials in the kitchen space. So if you have walnut cabinets and counters, you can go with the same walnut shade with your furniture. You may also match your kitchen furniture materials with your appliances. If you have steel appliances, you can select steel furniture that matches the same color. 

There are many ways to match your kitchen furniture to your design theme. Select the best way based on how the kitchen is designed, the materials that are used, and the colors that are throughout the space. 

Picking the Right Stools for Your Dining Table

Having enough stools to please everyone that is sitting at your dining table is a must, especially if you plan to host a lot of dinner parties for coworkers and friends. Yet having stools that are too tall can cause people to feel uncomfortable. Their legs can become wedged in the tight space and scrape against the bottom of the table surface. Also, it can be hard to move the stool back from the table when standing up if there isn’t enough space as the stool could be too wide. 

Sizing the Stools for Dining Tables 

Dining tables come at a range of heights, from 28 inches to 31 inches. Most people are comfortable when there is about 9 inches to 12 inches of space between their legs and the table top. This measurement can vary depending on the size of the person sitting at the table, as children may need a higher stool. In addition, the thickness of the tabletop and the table curtain can also impact the size of the stool. 

Dining stool heights can average from 17 inches to 20 inches high (counter and bar stools can be from 24 inches to 30 inches from the seat of the stool to the floor. So if the dining table is 28 inches, you want a stool that is around 18 inches. 

When measuring the tables and stools, remember to take the measurements from under the table to the top of the stool’s seat. Take into consideration the table’s apron, if it has one, and any padding that the stool might have that can change the measurement. 

Whether you decide on a round or square stool seat, keep in mind that the width and depth of the seat will also impact the number of stools you have at the table. The best way to decide on a stool is to sit in it and see how comfortable it feels. Then you can be rest assured that you are getting the right one for your needs. 

Using Pub Tables to Entertain Guests and Family

When you have guests or extended family over at your home, you want them to have an entertaining experience. Not only do you want to have games for them to play and music to dance to, you want to provide the perfect seating to relax, have a drink, and eat a meal. Pub tables can be used in your home for entertainment purposes. Here are several things you can do with your pub tables. 

Home Theater and Entertainment Room 

Pub tables are the perfect addition to a large home theater room, entertainment room or game room. You can provide places where people can sit and watch sports games on the large television screen or add addition seating and table space by the home bar. People can also sit at the pub table with their drinks while waiting for their turn to play at the pool table or the dart board game. 

Indoor Outdoor Spaces 

If you have a covered porch area or other outdoor living space, a pub table can be a great addition to the area. You can place it by the outdoor kitchen to provide a seating and an eating area. When the sun sets, you can light a fire in the fire pit and watch the flames while laughing and talking with your guests. 

Kitchen Nooks 

If you have a breakfast nook in your kitchen, a pub table can be the perfect size to fit into the space versus having a larger kitchen table. This layout is ideal for couples who are downsizing when the adult kids have moved out as they are looking for a smaller home. 

Open Floor Plans 

When you have an open floor plan between the kitchen, dining room space and living room, a pub table can be the perfect furniture to define eating spaces. You can have a small pub table next to your kitchen island to have extra meal prep space. You can also set up the pub table as an extra place for the kids to study as they have the right amount of room for books and study material without cluttering up the living room. 

There are a wide range of uses for pub tables, including turning them into end tables in the living room, a side table in the entryway to hold your keys or purse, or as a home office desk. Look at your home and consider the places where a pub table could be an exciting new addition to the space.