How to Find the Perfect Dining Room Table

Finding the best dining room table that suits your needs can be difficult. Space can be an issue, so can comfort or functionality. We’re here to break down what to look for, what to consider first and how to find the perfect dining room table for you.

Sturdy Tables

If you’re looking to purchase a table that you’ll have for years to come, you’ll want to find something made of sturdy material. If you want it to function for large holiday dinner parties, family dinner, and after school homework, it’ll need to be something touch. Tables made from hardwoods like mahogany, walnut, maple, oak or teak will be your best bet. Other kinds of tables made with plywood or MDF will still be durable, but nothing can compare with natural hardwoods.

If wood isn’t your thing, or it’s not quite the look you wanted, you could always try a glass top table. The added benefit of glass-top tables is that they go with almost any décor. Due to the reflective tops, they’re also great for spaces that need to look lighter or brighter. Another added advantage to glass tops is that they too are durable. Most glass-tops today are made with tempered safety glass, which is scratch resistant and means it won’t shatter everywhere if it breaks.


The bottom line is, you need a functional table for your space. But what if your space is constantly changing. If you move a lot or rent homes, you might want to invest in something that is easier to move. Finding the perfect hardwood table could make any future moves a hassle, as hardwood tends to be heavy.

If you do move a lot, it might be smarter to go with a smaller table like a pub table or bistro table, until you have a space that you can devote solely to a dining room table.

Find a table in a shape that will work in most rooms, whether it’s square, rectangular or circular. Pick the shape you like best, and find a table that matches it. While the thought of buying a brightly colored table is appealing, it’s best to stay away from trending colored tables. Trends will change, and finding a dining room table perfect for you is an investment. If you love color so much, you can always change it up with brightly colored table cloths, placemats, napkins, etc.

The Perfect Table

The best table for you is one that suits your needs. Decide what the three main functions of a dining room table are for you, a place to study, host dinner parties, family dinners, etc. Then find a table that fulfills all the requirements you set.