Using Bistro Tables in Small Spaces

Everyone loves a formal dining room, with a full table and 6-8 chairs. In some smaller homes or rentals, having a designated dining room is a luxury, as there simply is no space. We’re here to help with smaller alternatives for your smaller spaces.

Table Ideas for a Smaller Kitchen

There are plenty of options for smaller kitchens or apartments when it comes to dining areas. Dinette sets and bistro tables are two of the most common options. Dinettes are typically just like a dining room table set, but it’s simply smaller.

Bistro tables are typically round, and perfect for two people to eat at. If you live in a small apartment, and it’s just two of you, a bistro table is perfect for an eat-in kitchen. If you entertain more, in a smaller place perhaps a dinette set is right for you.

In some smaller apartments, little nooks are featured near the kitchen. These areas are perfect for fitting a small bistro table and a couple of chairs for a cozy feel.

Making it fit

Sometimes in smaller apartments it takes a bit if imagination to get the layout just right. When you start with a smaller table, sometimes the layout or flow of the space can just fall right into place.

If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, it might work best to push a smaller table up to a wall. If there will only be 1-2 people eating at it regularly, there’s no reason to have the table out in the middle of the room. A great hack for a smaller kitchen is to invest in benches rather than chairs. Benches tend to take up less space than chairs, as you can push them under tables when they’re not being used.

Counter Space

If you’re looking for more counter space in an already tiny kitchen, you might try finding a pub table. These tables come in higher heights so it’ll be easier on your back for cooking prep work. You can even find some funky barstools and use the table as your dining area or breakfast bar.

Take away

If you’re cramped for space, finding a smaller table can be the perfect solution in any smaller home or apartment. Foregoing the formal dining room, might make entertaining more cramped, but utilizing the space might work better for the flow of the room. Try looking for barstools, breakfast bars, dinette sets or bistro tables to fit them into your small space, and enjoy the functionality of a smaller kitchen with space.