How to Design a Transitional Dining Room

While some dining rooms may take on a specific design theme, it can be fun to play around with different design elements. When it comes to picking the furniture and design elements you want in your dining room, it’s important to think of the best way to incorporate the old with the new. If you want to use your family’s china but still have newer or modern elements at play, we’re here to break it down for you.


Things you should always consider are how functional and visually pleasing your dining room is. You want to be sure that you have furniture that fits in your dining room. It should fit with enough space around the tables, chairs, etc. so that people can move around comfortably. Consider how the chairs slide in and out from the table, be sure there’s enough room to do this. If you need to consider bench seating for one side of the table, to give the dining room a modern twist, try it. Adding a bench to your dining room table not only saves space, but adds an updated flair to the design.

If you’re planning to mix and match a dining room table and chairs, rather than use a dining room table set, it’s important to be sure that the chairs fit the height of the tabletop. You want to be sure that your guests aren’t too high or low when they’re sitting in your chairs.

Be sure to focus on the lighting in the room. Fixtures should be selected or adjusted so that they’re proportionally right for the table size, the size of the room, etc.

Once you’ve spent time figuring out the space, you’re ready to start adding different design pieces and turn your dining room into a transitional space.


Try finding pieces that reach to two different areas of design. Find cabinets with some farmhouse elements, while still including contemporary design and updated metal accents. Look for vintage (inspired or real) tables, that emit a farmhouse feel. Find something rustic, made with wood.

Looking for transitional chairs, that will work with different kinds of tables. Find chairs that can go with antique tables or a table that’s more contemporary.

Sometimes the best piece to pull everything together other than your dining room table set, is a light fixture. Find an updated chandelier or piece that reaches across different design themes.

Perfect Tables

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