Choosing the Right Dining Room Table

Choosing the right table for your space or your lifestyle can be hard. You should consider how often you use your formal dining room, how often you entertain, and where you envision the table within your home.


There are many different sizes and shapes of dining room tables and dining room sets. There are four basic shapes to tables, and we’re here to break down the best size for you. Consider giving each person eating and give them two feet of space at the table.

Round shaped tables typically seat four people comfortably, and can fit in a smaller room or space. An oval shaped table can accommodate more people, more around 6-10 people. Oval tables are better for longer or more narrow rooms.

If you’re looking for a more square or rectangular table, it depends on the space you have in your house for a dining room table. Most square tables seat four people comfortable, but rectangular tables, like oval shapes, can often seat around 6-10. It depends on what you need in your home.


If you have a small space for a dining room table set, but you want to entertain rather frequently, a drop-leaf table might be the best option for you. If you’re expecting a larger party add a leaf into the table to make it bigger. It might squeeze the space a little, but it’s not the permanent size of the table, so you can work around it for the dinner party. The seam that a leaf creates in a table can also be easily hidden with a table runner.

Table Accessories

If you’re investing some time or money into your new dining room table, and the feel of your dining room, here are some suggestions.

If you eat family style a lot, it could be worth your time and headache to invest in a Lazy Susan for your table. Consider the lighting that you have above your dining room table. Perhaps you want to invest in a new light fixture. Remember that a light fixture should always hang at least 30 inches up from the table’s surface. If you’re picking out new chairs to go with your table, don’t be afraid to shy away from matching chairs. It’s fun and trendy to mix and match styles of dining room table and chairs now. Mix an industrial table, with formal wooden chairs and benches, for example.

Take Away

The options for dining room tables and dining room table sets are really endless. It depends on the space you have, and what you need the table for. If you’re going to be entertaining often, consider a larger table, and if you don’t have the space for one, think about at table that can expand for those larger diner parties.