What height table is best for you?

In the search for dining room tables, you may stumble upon bar or bistro tables, or other dining room tables with different heights. Let’s break down which table is best for you and your needs.

Standard Height Tables

Standard height dining room tables typically measure from 28-30 inches tall. Standard tables come in lots of shapes and sizes and should be the easiest to find. They’re common because people view them as the most comfortable table to sit at, because they’re feet touch the ground. They’re also better for disabled people, as a bar height table would be too high for someone who sits in a wheelchair.

Standard tables are also considered to be more formal than taller tables, and fit better into a formal dining room.

Counter Height Tables

Counter height tables can measure anywhere from 34-36 inches tall. Counter tables aren’t see as formal tables as they can also be a great table to stand around. Some use counter height tables in their kitchen to help with prep work. Counter height tables are also great for entertaining as they’re at a very comfortable height for people to stand around. You can still use taller or higher chars to sit at a counter height table.

Bar Height Tables

Bar height tables come in as the tallest height, requiring a taller chair or stool, like a barstool, to be sat at. This type of table is commonly used in bars and pubs, but is also growing in popularity for home-use. Bar height tables usually range from 40-42 inches tall.

Pub tables are seen as extremely casual, as the difference between sitting on a barstool or standing at the table is very minimal. The added benefit of bar or pub tables is that they can typically fit in places where formal dining room tables wouldn’t. Pub tables can be a great choice for a smaller home or tiny apartment, where the space for a dining room table doesn’t exist. They’re perfect for creating a casual atmosphere.

The Right Table for You

Choosing the right table isn’t easy. Be sure to know the space you’re working with. If you have a smaller space, a smaller table might be right for you. A taller table, like a pub table might also work well in a smaller space. If you plan to entertain and serve meals in a more formal setting, you may want to stick to a standard height table, as it will best suit your needs and the needs of your guests.