Creating an Outdoor Dining Area

A huge trend these days is having outdoor entertaining space. If you want to kick it up a notch, you can even add an outdoor kitchen, with the ability to cook all while hanging on the back deck with family and friends. Whether you just want a nice place to eat outside, or cook a full meal, you’ll need outdoor furniture. We’ve got some suggestions for what pieces might work best.

Patio Bar

If you’ve got a patio bar to serve a wide variety of beverages out of, you might consider investing in some bar stools. If your outdoor bar is high enough, it might become a fun place to congregate with a cool drink or two. Find some comfortable and durable barstools for your guests to sit on. The most important part of outdoor furniture is making sure it gets covered or is stored in a covered area. If not your old barstools might become rusty, chipped and dirty.

If it’s time to invest in some new stools, find them at California Stools, Bars and Dinettes. Whether you invest in wooden stools, or metal bar chairs with backs, you can find them here. They have a wide variety of barstools available for whatever your outdoor needs are.

Patio Tables

If you’re looking for dinette sets for your patio, look no further. You’ll find a wide variety of patio sets available. Most outdoor furniture chairs are more reclined, like a lounger chair. And some chairs can be quite low to the ground. Outdoor chairs are sometimes lower to the ground, for various reasons, like being closer to a low-to-the-ground fire pit. You can find smaller or larger tables depending on the size that you want, and the amount of people that you want to entertain.

If you’re looking for a smaller table try looking at bistro tables, as they tend to be smaller and much better suited for smaller groups. Some people prefer having higher tables, like pub tables, outdoors. The pub stools, or bar stools, also lend themselves well to being around perfect bar height, and can function at an outdoor bar as well.

One of the drawbacks of higher tables, is that chairs aren’t suited for moving around the patio, and sitting around a firepit, just because of their height.

Take Away

You can re-purpose almost any furniture to be great for a patio or deck. Some materials and finishes are better suited for outdoors, as it’s best to invest in durable materials. Another key bit of advice is to always cover up your outdoor furniture, as it will prolong the life of your tables and chairs.