How To Choose The Right Bar Stools

You have the perfect home bar or restaurant bar. Now you just need the right bar stools. The great thing about bar stools is that they come in various styles and colors that can fit into the style and theme of the room. The perfect bar stool is waiting for you. You just need to follow this simple guide to figure out the right one that you will love for years and will last a lifetime.

Selecting The Right Bar Stools

Style And Comfort Bar stools are available with backs, without backs, upholstery, swivel and adjustable features. Before looking

For bar stools, decide on the type of comfort level you want the stools to offer to anyone sitting down on the seat. Then think about the types of materials that the stool should be made out of as there are gorgeous wood and metal bar stools available.

Bar Stool Height

Steel And Wood Bar Stools

Height is one of the top factors to consider when purchasing bar stools for homes and restaurants. The stools should be tall enough for a person to eat and drink at the counter or bar table. Yet the seat shouldn’t be so high where a person cannot fit their legs underneath as it makes it hard for them to shift about on the stool.

Standard bar stool heights are about 30 inches to 32 inches for a bar counter or table that is 41 inches to 43 inches tall. Some commercial style bars and tables have extra tall heights of 44 inches to 47 inches as they require bar stools that have a height of 33 inches up to 36 inches.

Bar Seat Width

Seat width is also very important as the width of the seat on the bar stool will dictate the number of stools that can fit at a bar counter or pub table. Bar seats are available in three widths: 15 inch, 17 inch and 21 inch. To determine a seat size, measure the amount of space available at the home or commercial bar.

You should typically have 14 inches of space from the edge of the bar counter to the middle of the bar seat for stools sitting at the ends of the bar. For there to be enough room between multiple bar stools, there should be 28 inches from one bar stool to the next when measuring from the middle of the bar seats. This setup allows people to shift from the bar stool without bumping legs into the stool next to them.

Get The Bar Stools You Need

The right bar stool for you is out there. You simply have to find the right place that can get it for you. Contact California Stools, Bars and Dinettes when you are searching for different styles and features to your bar stools.