Dining Room Table Guide: Types Of Materials

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Homes come in all shapes, styles and decor preferences. The dining room furniture you choose should fit into the look and feel of a home so it makes a cozy setting and dining area to enjoy meals and host dinner parties. There are a number of different materials used for dining room tables.

From traditional wood to modern metal, the type of materials you pick should be based on your design preferences, the look it will lend to a room, and your budget. Let’s examine some of the most common types of materials used for these wonderful tables.


Whether you are looking for a modern or an industrial look, metal tables can impress people by making a flashy and bold statement. Most metal tables are made from stainless steel yet people may also find recycled metal tables out on the market if they want to make a more environmentally-conscious purchase (steel is completely recyclable and most steel products are made with 25% up to 100% recycled materials). For a more decorative wrought-iron appearance, people may purchase a dining table with metal decorative legs and place on a glass tabletop surface.


Glass tables add a touch of elegance and style to any dining room. The table will have a glass top with either glass, metal or wooden table legs. Most glass tables are found in round shapes although you can find large rectangular glass tables to accommodate bigger family gatherings. Glass dining room tables can be clear or frosted depending on your preferences. Glass tables can show smudges and fingerprints more than any other table surface, so extra care must be taken to keep the surface looking clean. Also be careful of sharp edges when you have children playing or rushing through the room.


Wood tables have been the mainstay of dining rooms across the country and are a popular option. A solid wood table invites a warm and welcoming feeling for the people who will be sitting down and enjoying a meal together. Hardwood is more preferable than softwood as it is durable enough to withstand the nicks and scrapes if the table is used for multiple purposes such as an office desk, craft table or study area. Common types of hardwood used for tables include mahogany, maple oak, teak, and walnut. If a person selects softwoods, they may choose pine, ash, or white cedar. Solid wood tables can be more expensive based on the type of rare wood that is used and how it is harvested. Solid wood tables can be fixed with sanding and refinishing.


Reclaimed wood has been growing in popularity during the recent years as the environmentally-conscious choice of having a real solid wood table that doesn’t require cutting down additional trees. The reclaimed wood can come from a number of places such as barns, factories, businesses and even railroad ties. This natural wood often will have imperfections such as knots and saw cuts lending an antique or vintage appearance. People love this type of wood when they are looking for a rustic or country cottage decor style. Since there has been an increase of demand for reclaimed wood furniture, the prices for these tables have risen because of the scarcity of finding the wood.


Cheaper than solid wood or reclaimed wood, composite wood has been used for decades to create dining room tables. The wood consists of pieces of plywood or fiberboard made to look like solid wood. Composite wood may also be engineered wood that are pieces of softwood and hardwood glued and pressed together. Composite wood may have pieces of veneer affixed to the surface, which is real wood cut paper thin. This wood can fit into a multitude of home design themes and can withstand some abuse from kids and pets. Unlike solid wood tables, composite wood can be more difficult to fix as a person cannot sand it too much due to the thinness of the veneer.


While laminate tables look like wood, they are not real solid wood or composite wood tables. Instead, it is normally made out of plastic. The surface is imprinted with a wood grain appearance so that they look like real wood. The interesting thing about laminate tables is that it can be sanded, primed and painted to fix imperfections. Yet a person cannot stain the table as the plastic will not be able to absorb the stain.


Stone tables such as a granite or marble tabletop provide a unique design theme to the dining room. The stone can tie in to other stone elements in the dining room or kitchen as they can match tile flooring, kitchen backsplashes and countertops. The stone is durable and strong and the smooth surface can come in a range of colors and designs. The stone table top can have a base made from wood, matching stone or metal. A person should be careful to protect the stone from watermarks and stains that could mar the surface.


With the number of materials out on the market for kitchen tables or dining room tables, selecting the right table for your dining space has to come down to a personal preference. An important factor a person should consider the style of their home and the decor elements present in the room. They should also take into account the amount of space they have for a table, the amount of people who will normally eat meals there, and the possibility of needing extra seating spaces for large gatherings. Shape of the table is something to consider as well, whether you prefer a round table, rectangular table, or oval table. In addition, another important consideration is how often the table will be used. A multipurpose table will experience more wear-and-tear than a dining room table only used during special occasions. Also, children and pets can cause a great amount of wear to tables, as the tables must be safe for children while standing up to rigorous use.

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