What Type of Wood to Choose For Your Dining Room Table

When it comes time to purchase a dining room table, you want one that is long-lasting and durable for the many meals that will be eaten there. People will have different ideas and decor preferences for dining tables, yet the most common types of tables are constructed out of wood. There are many wood products and composites out on the market as you need to decide which type of wood to purchase for your dining room table.

Composite Woods

Composite woods such as plywood and particle board are often used for dining room tables because they are inexpensive. Some composite materials also use a combination of hardwoods and softwoods compressed together. You can often tell the difference between a solid wood table and a composite wood table by looking at the end grain which will not feature any growth rings. While composite wood dining tables are inexpensive, they are not sturdy and can be hard to fix it they have scratches or cuts in the surface.

Interior design series: dining room closeupSolid woods

Solid wood dining tables are made from real hardwoods without any composite materials. These dining room tables are sturdy and durable, as they can withstand the daily abuse when the dining room table is also used as the home office workspace and craft table. When a scratch or cut appears, it can usually be repaired so the scratch can no longer be seen. Hardwoods commonly used for tables include maple, oak, mahogany, teak, walnut, and pecan. Hardwood tables are more expensive than composite woods, as some hardwoods are rare and pricey to harvest and manufacture. Solid hardwoods can split as they age.

Some dining room tables are also created from softwoods such as pine. Softwoods can be prone to scratches, stains and dents as they are ideal for dining tables that will not be used often. Pine tables are also ideal for when you are looking for a rustic or ranch style theme for your home.

Veneer Woods

While a table may look like it is solid wood, it can in fact be veneer. Veneer tables are made with a thin piece of wood that is sheered off of a plank. Then this thin layer is glued to a fiber board or plywood material. Veneer wood tables will often have a repeated wood grain across the surface and have seams where the veneer connects along the corners and edges of the table. Veneer wood is cheaper than solid wood but the layer piece can peel up over time. Teak, satinwood, rosewood, and sycamore are common wood types used for veneer.

While picking out a dining room table, consider how often you will use the table, the color and the grain of the wood to decide which one to purchase. You can find the one that fits perfectly into our budget.