Need Furniture For Your Space? Plan Ahead To Make The Right Purchase


You are moving into a new home or apartment. Instead of packing up and moving the old rickety furniture, you want a new start with new furnishings. You want to bring our your inner interior designer to make a space that is both functional and beautiful. Yet before buying any type of furniture, you want to plan out the space so you can maximize the room to its fullest potential.

Measure Twice and Purchase Once

One of the biggest mistakes a person can make when getting furnishings is that they buy oversized pieces that are too big for the space. The pieces are placed too close together as people have to squeeze or climb over the furniture. Measure the room so you have an idea of how big the space is. Don’t forget to measure the length of walls and the height of walls under windows. Then check out the sizes of the furniture that will best fit in the space.

Tape It Out

Once you know the size of the room, you can decide how you will place the furniture. Pick out several furniture pieces and note their sizes. Cut out long pieces of masking tape in the size of the furniture and place the tape on the floor. This tactic allows you to put enough walking space between the furniture pieces as you can now have a better idea about the best furniture sizes that will fit into the room. You can also rearrange things if you don’t like the way your plan looks.

If you are savvy with technological, there are several free online programs that allow you to plan out your space. You can decide on the tables, chairs, and bars to place in the room as you can get the exact measurements you need.

Don’t Skip on Function

Understand what the function of the room is so you can place furniture in the right places. If you have a living room, you want sofas and chairs to be placed in the best viewing positions. If you are placing furnishings in a dining room, you want the table placed so every chair can be pulled out easily without hitting china cabinets, scraping against the wall or blocking the entrances.

Select A Focal Point

Sometimes you may have a focal point that you want to emphasize in your furniture decor design. Whether it is a painting, a bay window or a vintage piece of furniture, make sure you select furnishings that highlight this feature. Arrange your furniture so that you can draw attention to the focal point as you can fully enjoy it every day.