Selecting Wood Or Metal Furniture: Which Is Better?


When it comes down to picking out furniture for your kitchen or dining room, the varieties are endless in regards to the types of materials you can select. Wooden bars, glass dining room tables, laminate dinettes and metal chairs are just a few of the choices available. Yet many people wonder whether they should select metal or wood for their furnishings.

There is no wrong choice. Some people love the look of solid wood furniture in their home because of how the warm sun shines on the surface. Other people love the modern and industrial look of metal furniture as it can complement other aspects in the room. When selecting certain materials for your furniture, take these factors in consideration.

Matching The Existing Set

Most people will select between wood or metal furniture based on what type of materials the rest of the furniture set is made from so all the pieces match. So if you have a solid wood kitchen table, you would normally select solid wood chairs. If you have a glass table with a metal stand, you can select metal chairs that would match the stand to bring the design element together.

Matching Elements In The Room

You have a beautiful kitchen with these gorgeous, decorative handles on the glass fronts of the cabinets. You may want to match this same decorative look by selecting a metal stool that has the same decorative design on the backrest. Decorative elements in the room can help you select the right type of furniture to purchase, as you may select wood furniture to match paneling and bookcases or metal furniture to match handles, knobs and metal stands.

Select Based On Function

You not only want a piece of furniture that looks good in your home, you also want one that is durable and functional. When it comes to durability, both metal and wood are the best types of materials for home furnishings. Wood can stand up to the punishment of food preparation, as you often see this material used for kitchen and dining room tables. It can mask scratches caused by knives and forks. Metal furniture works well in homes where there are kids that can make spills or pets that will chew on furniture legs. The metal can withstand stains and pets sharp teeth while still looking beautiful for years to come.

Decide Based On Location

Metal and wood can be used for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Just understand how the materials will interact with the environment before selecting certain pieces to use outside. While metal furniture can withstand different types of adverse weather, it can become hot when left out in direct sunlight. Wood won’t become hot to the touch. Yet some types can rot and fade unless they are treated.