woman cleaning her wood dining table

How to Safely Clean Your Dining Furniture

No matter how careful you are, your dining room furniture is bound to become dirty. Whether you spill a drink or the kids’ craft projects have gotten something sticky, there’s a lot that happens at our dining tables to cause messes. Here are our top tips for keeping your dining room sets clean depending on what material they’re made from.

Glass Dining Furniture

First, remove the top layer of dust and debris with a plain dry cloth. Any small grains of sand or salt can scratch the glass while cleaning. Next, dip a towel into hot water and get it damp. Rub the cloth over the table, paying special attention to any spills or sticky spots. If necessary, you may add soap to the water but be sure to rinse the table with a clean towel before drying it off. Then, grab your store-bought glass cleaner or make your own with equal parts vinegar and water. Spray it on the glass and wipe off with a lint-free towel. If your glass table has a metal or wood frame, read our tips for cleaning those, below.

Metal Dining Furniture

Whether your table is all metal, or a combination of metal frame and wood or glass tabletop, you can use Bar Keeper’s Friend on the whole thing. After removing dust and larger pieces of debris, sprinkle the powder over the table and rub it with a damp sponge. Wipe it dry then buff with a chamois cloth. If you have more difficult spots, hot water can do the trick with a sponge or cloth. For stubborn messes, add a little soap to the water.

Wood Dining Furniture

For a wooden table, you want to make sure the vinegar or water doesn’t soak into the wood. First, remove the top of layer of dirt with a slightly damp towel. Next. use warm water and a cloth to clean it and add soap if necessary. Then, dry with a highly absorbent cloth. You should also take care to ensure water rings from glassware are promptly wiped up and pay attention to the humidity levels to keep your wooden furniture dry and pristine.

Prevent Messes in the First Place

The best way to avoid stains and sticky messes is to prevent them from ever happening. Ideally, you can find a gorgeous tablecloth to cover your table that will match your dining room decor. For less coverage, use placemats at each of the dining chairs. For craft projects, lay down several sheets of newspaper or use an old bedsheet like a tablecloth to protect the surface.

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