dining table set with a modern yet rustic feel

2021 Best Dining Table Designs

The dining room is where the family gathers to share a meal and hear about each other’s day. It’s where the kids do their homework and get creative with art projects. It’s also where work gets done sometimes. That’s why it’s important to make sure your dining room suits your lifestyle. Here are a few of the latest designs for dining tables.

Fresh Accents

If you’re not ready to change the design of your table but still want to give it a fresh look, consider adding a new tablecloth, placemats, or fabric napkins to the tabletop. You can also choose to swap out the centerpiece or window blinds and drapes. These small accents can have a huge impact on your dining room design.

Multipurpose Pieces

If your family is one that uses the same space for multiple purposes, consider choosing a dining table that can serve double (or triple!) duty. Make sure there’s plenty of seating for the kids to do their homework, a large space for craft projects, and nearby desk accessories for when the dining table becomes the home office. It’s also a good idea to look at expandable dining tables to accommodate your small family, additional guests, or when you just need more space for family game night.

Solid Wood

Solid wood dining tables give off a homey vibe. Today’s interior designs are leaning more towards the natural colors and elements since they are known to be more eco-friendly than other materials. Another benefit of solid wood dining tables is that they often come from actual trees, so no two tables are alike. This means your table will be completely unique to you. Look for options with a distressed walnut or smoke gray finish to add texture and warmth to the room.

Farmhouse Style & Cottage Core

People have come to love being at home. What better way to evoke those cozy vibes than to place a distressed white finish table for a rustic feel in your dining room. The farmhouse style is slowly evolving into “cottage core” which may be considered a little smaller and more floral than farmhouse, but still has a lot of the same rustic, natural look you’d find in the woods or just out of town.

Modern and Sleek

If rustic and natural isn’t really your style, try a table with a glossy white finish and shiny chrome base. This will look sleeker and more high-end than other styles. You may also be interested in a glass tabletop with metal or wrought iron legs. To keep the style looking chic, you’ll want to stick with slim lines that don’t add too much bulk to the room. Consider adding in Lucite dining chairs to maintain the minimalist look and keep things light.

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