5 Reasons Why Furniture Should Be on Your Wedding Registry

Furniture make a great wedding gift for couples who are just starting out in a new home.

Getting married is incredibly exciting but many people are choosing to delay this big life event for a variety of reasons. This means they also are more likely to already have plenty of furniture on their own, and then when you combine that with your new spouse, you may be thinking that you need to get rid of some, not add it to your registry! Although that may be true for you, there are still a few reasons to include furniture on your wedding registry.

1.  Something Special

The gift of furniture may seem like a practical and emotionless choice, but it can actually be quite the opposite! When you consider that dining room sets will get used every day by you and your spouse (and maybe some little ones in the future!), it will be a constant reminder of the love and care you receive from the person who gifted it to you.

2.  Time to Upgrade

Throughout college and your early years in your first apartment or starter home, you likely collected a lot of hand-me-down, thrift store, or just plain cheap furniture. Your wedding registry is the perfect time to upgrade to higher quality pieces! Consider picking out bar stools that actually match or pub tables that don’t wobble when you set a glass of water on them!

3.  Ideal for Group Gifts

Furniture can quickly get expensive, so you might think it’s not appropriate to put on your wedding registry. On the contrary, it can make the perfect gift for a group of people to go in on together! Something like kitchen sets, bedroom sets, or other higher-priced items can be the ideal option for your aunts and uncles, cousins, or work friends to each chip in on together.

4.  Will Last Forever – Just Like Your Love!

The furniture you bought in college or got from a family member probably wasn’t meant to last you forever. When you start a new life together, what better way to symbolize your love than a sideboard that will grace your entry way for decades to come?! High-quality furniture is a great investment in your home because of its longevity.

5.  Decorate New Spaces

Your first apartment likely didn’t have a home bar, but now that you’re older and can afford more, this might be an option to consider! Add some bistro tables to the area to really make it cozy and you’ll have a fun new place to share a happy hour drink with your spouse.

Build Your Wedding Registry with Us

At California Stools, Bars, and Dinettes, we feature a wide variety of high-quality furniture pieces that you can add to your wedding registry. Shop online today or visit us in-store to see the options We can help you build a registry and make it easy for your guests to shop, no matter where they’re located. Call us in San Jose at 408-294-7353 or in Pleasant Hill at 925-825-6888 with any questions!


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