Design Evolution of the Barstool

Barstool Designs
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A barstool is a tall chair crafted with a footrest supporting your feet, their height and narrowness make them suited for use in bars, pubs, or at home in the kitchen/ bar zone. The history of barstool can be traced back in the 20th century. During the early days, a barstool was designed to accommodate more people at the commercial bars at a lower cost.

While there have been numerous styles and types of the barstool, there are only three designs. Are you wondering how these designs have evolved? Stay put. This article is designed to inform you how various barstool designs have evolved and their functions.

Three Designs of the Barstool

1. The barstool with a seat at the base only

It is the earliest form of furniture to be invented. During the Roman Empire, barstools were the primary seat people used in their daily lives at home and in a social gathering. While a stool in the West was used for commoners, it served as a royal seat in several kingdoms in Africa. In Ghana, the golden stool of the Asantehene is an excellent example.


  • It served as a seat for commoners in the West
  • In Africa, it was commonly used by the royal family
  • It was used at home and in commercial gatherings

2. A barstool with a seat as the base with a low back

Are you wondering which is the best barstool for your bar area at home? A barstool with a seat at the base and a low back is the way to go. It is an advancement of the seat only stool. The purpose of the low back is to offer support and comfort. It exhibits the modern chair but retains the traditional touch of a stool. It is an advancement of the traditional stool that has a seat only. While furnishing your home’s bar area, this design of a barstool is the best choice for you. While the earliest form of a chair was only limited to various places, this kind of barstool is more profound and offers both traditional and modern taste.

While pub tables and stools have always been tall, stools have shown great changes in terms of additional features and material.


  • At home: It’s the best choice for your bar zone at home. It will offer support and comfort for relaxing after a tiresome day.
  • At the pub: In a public pub, this kind of stool is the best option as they occupy less space while offering a great experience to the customers.

3. A barstool with a seat at the base, low back, and short arms

Are you wondering about the best kitchen stool for your lovely home? Worry not. This design of a barstool may be the best choice for you. While the previous designs can still be used as kitchen stools, a barstool with a low back and short arms is the more commonly preferred for comfort.


  • It is commonly used in the kitchen at home
  • It can also serve as a barstool at home or in a pub or a public bar

These designs are the most noticeable evolution of a barstool. Pub tables and stools are usually of the same color tone. Today, these designs can be made of wood, metal, or plastic. However, for durability purposes, it is recommended to go for wood or metallic ones.