Best Furniture & Tips for Fall Entertaining

As the leaves turn and our jackets and boots become fashion staples, it’s time to start thinking about our fall entertaining for upcoming holidays and celebrations. Now that summertime has come to an end, it’s time to put the deck furniture in storage and change the lighter décor for the warmer decorations that invoke cozy feelings. Furniture plays a big role in the feel of your home and Fall is a great time to change things up and consider adding some pieces that encourage lounging and togetherness.

Some things to think about when you are redecorating and preparing for entertaining include number of guests you plan to host, menu and where you’d like your guests to settle in and sit. The following are some tips and suggestions for entertaining this fall;


Knowing how many guests you will be entertaining is helpful because you will want to be sure to have enough seating for everyone. If your space isn’t very large, consider adding a few pub tables to save space. Mixing it up with various size tables and chairs helps create a festive atmosphere for your guests.


If you have a fireplace mantel, an entry table, or a built-in bookcase, these would all be great areas to generate a fall “cozy” atmosphere. You can use branches in different rooms in your home. Gather interesting branches from your yard or a neighbor’s yard. Curling, gnarled, and colorful branches add extra character and can add dimension to an otherwise bland space. A comfy chair could bring a softer feel to a room and throwing a few decorative pillows with a soft throw could turn a space into a warm, inviting area that is sure to become a favorite spot.


When the weather turns cold, your family tends to spend more time indoors. Seating may be limited so consider investing in some fun chairs that you can scatter around the community areas in your home. Dress up some dining chairs and mix it up, everyone will feel welcome if they have a place to sit.


Redecorating can be expensive if you try and do your entire home. You can add some wonderful details and even focus on one particular room in your house without breaking the bank. Add a couple wooden stools near the fireplace to complete a cozy feel in your living room, it doesn’t take much to create a festive and warm setting, just tap your creativity and find your favorite barstools on our website at